Hair Care: Trimming Away Those Bad Hair Days

by - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After months of harsh, cold and dry winter plus this year’s chilly weeks of spring, my hair has turned out to be a perfect example of dull, unmanageable and lifeless hair.  I long for the day when my hair is TERAXCREMA200-2Tback to being shiny and silky. 

My mission begins by searching for the best hair conditioner [] to put life back into my hair.  I’ve read about the Terax Crema Ultra Daily Hydrating Conditioner online and have read a few good reviews about it so I might check that one more later.  Have you tried it?  If it’s done your hair signs of miracles, please do leave me a buzz.  [Price per 200mL bottle is now down to $20.99 from $24.99]

macadamia shampooAside from a bottle of hair conditioner, a good shampoo has to go with it.  Experts recommend shampooing every other day as shampoos tend to dry out the hair. Problem is, I can’t endure a shampoo-less day.  The shampoo I have now isn’t helping that much which is an indication that it’s time for me to move on to another product.  I’ve Googled around.  The Macadamia Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo [] looks promising.  Research says that the nut meat of macadamia contains essential fatty acids such as palmitoleic, oleic  and Linoleic acids --- all vital for sealing in moisture thus, making the hair shafts healthier and stronger.  [Price per 60mL bottle is now down to $4.99 from $6.99]  Adding this one to my wish list!

One thing I’ve never tried before is the deep-therapy hair mask.  For those who’ve tried it, they say that applying hair mask helps rebuild damaged hair strands, making their hair smoother and vivacious which is definitely what I need ASAP!  I’ve had my eyes on the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque [] for months now.  This is the time for me to grab one and try it myself! 

Hopefully, after pampering my hair with much care and love this summer, those bad hair days will be trimmed away for life.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hi Maxie I think you always look great. I know if your hair is a little tattered you will have it back to normal fast with all these great products. summer is here at the states and loving it. Take care dear friends hugs :* 8-)

  2. Thank you very much Bill. I really hope that I can get the shine back into my hair.

    You too, take care and send my hello to Ate Gina :)


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