Irregular Shoes with Irregular Styles by Irregular Choice

by - Thursday, June 30, 2011

Although I have been living in Europe for four years now, it is my first time to hear about the Irregular Choice shoe brand and online shop.  I am quite unsure how I’ve gotten to their page but somehow, I’ve stumbled upon it a couple of days ago, bookmarked it and will be sharing with you on this very post a few designs that have caught my curiosity.  So, here we go! Buckle up for the irregular e-window-shopping ride!


Irregular Choice Tea and Cakes

This creation is only available in pink floral print fabric.  Its huge floral bow over the front of the foot is definitely an attention getter. 

Sole: synthetic, Heel height: 8.5cm, Lining: fabric.


Irregular Choice Daddy’s Girl

Honestly, I really do not have any idea on how one can walk on this shoe but I find it interesting anyway. 

This flat wooden platform footwear designed with floral fabric and irregularly shaped sole is a part of the exclusive collection of Irregular Choice.

Irregular Choice Can’t Touch This

Floral print in purple and a t-bar buckle fastening covered with a pretty floral corsage.  The clear engraved heel is 10cm in height.  The sole is made out of synthetic materials and the lining is of fabric.

Irregular Choice Rosanna

The Rosanna creation belongs to the Irregular Choice limited collection edition and is released in Spring of 2011.  The heart shaped heel is really cute and the huge bow with floral prints is a smart addition to the shoe.

irregularshoes5Irregular Choice Fabric Footwork

This sandal in blue leather with contrasting white stitches is definitely my favorite.  I like the touch of the floral fabric bow and the wooden carved heels.

So there you go!  My five choices for the most irregularly styled shoes by Irregular Choice.

Have you ever heard of this brand?  If you have, do you own a pair or two?  Do you find the styles fashionable or awful?  Would you dare to wear them?

*photo credits: http://www.irregularchoice.com*

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