New York Same-Sex Marriage Bill - Passed

by - Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yes. The post’s title says it all.  New York now belongs to the list of states where same-sex marriage is allowed and recognized.  We learned about this through the local news on telly this morning.

The bill was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday, 24 June 2011, and would take effect on July 24, thirty days after the law was passed.  While many gay couples were celebrating the good news, many were disappointed. 

Same-sex marriage has been a burning battle for decades.  Gay rights advocates continue to fight for the law of the same-sex couples to get married in many states.  On the other hand, anti-gay-marriage activists hope for the lawmakers to reject the bill. 
States allowing same-sex marriage in alphabetical order:

1.] Connecticut
2.] Iowa
3.] Massachusetts
4.] New Hampshire
5.] New York
6.] Vermont

Aside from the six states listed above, the District of Columbia also permits gay marriage.

How about you?  What’s your stand on the same-sex marriage issue?  Are you for or against the bill?

In the meantime, here’s a video regarding Keith Olbermann’s [an American political commentator and writer] comment on the same-sex marriage law:

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  1. i have nothing against being gay, but gay-marriage? totally disappointed with this law maker... sometimes they have to set boundaries to human beings..that's why we have lawmakers... 

  2. I understand what you mean Nova. I have lots of gay friends with partners.  I am somehow torn in between --- pro or against?  Not sure where to stand


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