One Lovely Saturday With Lovely Friends

by - Thursday, June 23, 2011

There are only five of us from the Philippines who are currently living here in our town and so far I’ve only met two of them, Sherlyn and Mercy.  Mina who lives in another area drops by once in awhile to be with us.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to get together with these wonderful people.

11 June 2011 – I finally got the chance to meet up with my Pinay friends!  The heavens were generous to us the whole day.  It was part sunny, part cloudy --- perfect for a Saturday stroll.

The day before, we decided to meet up at ten in the morning inside a second hand shop near the downtown district.  Aside from Mercy who was in time, Mina, Sherlyn and I arrived almost an hour later.  The next sixty minutes or so were spent inside the second hand store.  We went out with nothing and agreed to take a walk to our next destination, the supermarket.

Along the way, we spent a few minutes taking photos together. 
A pose with the soon-to-be mom Sherlyn
With Mercy and Mina
Mercy, Mina and Sherlyn
Mina did some grocery shopping.  She wanted to cook chicken soup with glass noodles and lamb afritada for the gang’s lunch.  We then headed to Sherlyn’s apartment and helped Mina in the kitchen.  Lunch was delightful as expected.

While savoring scoops of ice cream for dessert, we watched Ang Tanging Ina Mo [Last Na ‘To!].  The day was filled with fun and laughter!

In a month’s time, we’ll be together again!  Movies, food, picture-picture and a bit of karaoke.  Can hardly wait!

*photo courtesy of Mercy --- thank you*

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  1. It is amazing how we pinoys stick together even if we are in a foreign land. I suddenly miss my friends upon reading this. Your friends are great and your pictures are nice. 


  2. Carmen Henesy, Carmen's Chronicles24 June 2011 at 11:06

    What a wonderful idea to have a monthly gathering with your friends and to eat some good Filipino food!!  I know you get homesick sometime for your wonderful part of the world and there's nothing like hanging out with the girls, catching up on news from home, laughing and having a little fun.

  3. Hi miss.. frwhere are u  sa Pinas? I guess hindi kapa member sa FB group namin namga bloggers... add me sa FB grace bombeo FANCUBIT... you will surely enjoy our FB group and meet some direct advertisers there...

  4. Hannele på Hisingen25 June 2011 at 09:41

    man får ta vara på de soliga dagarna

  5. 5 lang kayong pinay diyan Ann? ahay på så sätt är det bra ocså kasi if maraming pinay, maraming tsismis at mahirap sila pakisamahan lalo na yong medyo matagal na dito... Here in Göteborg, medyo madami pinay pero few as in super kunti lang talaga friends ko. nakikita mo naman kung sino..

    Jag gillar att vara med mina kompisar som jag känner mig HAPPY...
    Ha en trevlig midsummer, söndag gullig Ann...

  6. awww...bonding moments...maypaka dha da kay daghan pinay friends... :)  I heart your top...it looks great on you!

  7. I so agree, Divina.  It's really good to know that we Filipinos stick to one another.  I miss my friends in the Philippines, too. Just glad that I have Filipino friends here who are really nice.

  8. Hello Carmen. It's truly a good idea to meet up once a month.  However, the first month, we've already met thrice.  But well, at least, we're spending time together, making us forget getting homesick even for awhile.  

    Thank you for dropping by here Carmen.  Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

  9. Hello Grace, sent you a message on Facebook.

    I am from Davao City and Quezon City. A mix of both worlds.  

    Looking forward to be added on your FB group :)  Thank you.

  10. Hej hej Hannele.

    Jag håller med.  Man har bara några månader för att ha de soliga dagarna efteråt blit det kallt igen.

    Ha det så bra!

  11. Oo. Five lang kami. Pero parang six narin kasi yung isa na taga ibang town eh pumupunta rito to join us.  

    Yun nga, ayaw namin yung mga chismis chismis na iyan kasi it's not healthy sa relationship ng magkakaibigan.  Gossips destroy good relationships.  

    I really want to travel to Göteborg and meet you guys. One day!

    Ha det så bra! Kram

  12. Hello Dhemz. Yup. Bonding moments.  Nah. Gamay lang mi pero happy kay walay mga chismosa sa amo.  Maayo nalang.

    Thank you for hearting my top. I have three of this in different shades. :)


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