Shoes: Glitter, Spice and Everything Nice!

by - Monday, June 06, 2011

While hopping through looks on LookBook to hype and members to fan, I’ve noticed something interesting - glitter shoes are in this year so if you want to set off some sparks, go get a pair of shimmering shoes.  ShoeOcean.com has a great line of glitter pumps under $40.  Check these pairs out:
Black Glitter Women Platform Pumps - Qupid Neutral-83
Looking for a party-perfect glitter shoes?  Get this pair in black!  It will look great on any evening dress.  Goes pretty with pants, too!
Price: $26.99

Gold Women Platform Sandals - Breckelles Lavena - 14
Glitz and glam in gold with a sexy t-ankle-strap.
Price: $25.99

Pink Multi Glitter Women Platform Pumps - Qupid Neutral - 83
Love to shine in pink?  Then, this pair’s for you! 
Price: $ 26.99

Pewter Women Platform Pumps - Refresh Vanessa - 11
If you prefer to sparkle with straps, this trendy pair is created for you.
Price: $31.99
Photo credits: ShoeOcean.com
Have you found your glitter, spice and everything nice pair of pumps?  If you have, that’s twinkling nice!  If you’re still on the hunt, hope you find those dazzling shoes that your heart desires.

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  2. Yes, you right! they are so IN right now! have one too!you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same! xx

  3. Wow great shoes Maxie which ones are u getting 8-). I like a couple of the ones you have here think I will have to check the site out for the wife. Take care dear friend hugs :*

  4. Thanks for the follow and for your sweet comment! I followed you as well! xx joice

  5. I notice the same too. I don't know if I could pull off the glitter though

  6. Nice blog, I've been follow your blog, I'm waiting your re-follow my blog at http://wilwatiktamadani.blogspot.com. Thanks. GBU.

  7. The shoes are beautiful but I just don't know if I can walk on them for more than an hour....it may kill me......hehehe

  8. Hello Bingkee! You're right. They're really pretty but just like you, I won't last an hour walking in them. Ouch! I just like them though... to be here in my blog as they look beautiful :)

  9. Thank you and thanks for following. Did the same :)

  10. hello Haze. I know that you can pull off the glitter. I mean, I know I can. Problem is, my legs might not last an hour :)

  11. Hello hello! You are welcome and thank you for the follow :)

  12. Hello Bill. Not sure yet if I will be getting one as I do not really wear high heels that much but I might just to add in my collection :)

    I bet Ate Gina, will like all these :)

  13. Hello Joice. Yup. They're really in. See lots of women wearing them here in Sweden. You, too have a cool blog. XOXO

  14. Yup. super girly shoes and I want to get a pair at least just to have it in my closet. It's fun to have at least a pair of these shoes as they're cool.


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