Striking White And Black Diamond Rings At www.Povada.com

by - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you ready to get hypnotized by elegantly designed rings with white and black diamonds?  If you are, prepare to be wowed by these striking pieces from www.Povada.com.  They have more than 3,000 finely detailed jewelry to satisfy your taste for perfection.  Just take a look at these three stunning rings I adore.  I’m certain that you’ll like them, too.

Most people love butterflies not just because they're pretty and light but because they symbolize the complete metamorphosis of the human soul. They are like self-propelled flowers, colorful and free.
This attractive band is made out of 14K white gold and is embedded with black and white diamonds. 
Price: $440

Delight your hand with a symbol of  everlasting spring!  This beautifully handcrafted jewelry is made out of 14K white gold.  The flower is designed with black and white diamonds. 
 Price: $670

Last but not the least, the intertwined rows of black and white diamonds of this ring are truly enchanting, even made more beautiful by those two circles filled with black diamonds.  The band is made out of 14K white gold. 
Price: $740
If you are given the chance to choose only one from these three dazzling rings, which one’s your pick?
By the way, in case you want to know more about Povada, the online store of fine diamond and gemstone jewelry, here’s a YouTube video for you to watch:

*photo credits: www.Povada.com*

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  1. These rings are beautiful. But so expensive. I might prefer the costume jewelry na lang...I'd seen similar rings like these, but of course, they're no diamonds. Yun lang ang ma-afford ko.  :-D

  2. Dashing jewelries! Beautiful! But can't afford haha.


  3. Hello Bingkee, actually, their prices are much lower compared to others which is why it's a good place to shop if you are really looking for pretty jewelry with real diamonds. :)
    I know one day, you can afford real diamonds. :)  

  4. Hello Divina. HOpe you can afford it one day.  Just like you, for now, I can't but I really hope to get at least one in time :)

  5. The butterfly ring is very pretty, and I love the intertwined ring. ;)  http://creative-d-zine.blogspot.com

  6. Hello Sharda. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the butterfly ring is pretty but my fave is still the intertwined ring :)   


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