Ever Heard Of Fundals?

by - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Googling around [as usual] to know the latest in footwear, these weird sets of “flip flops” made me go,”What?”  I know you too would flip and flop in awe after checking them out.  Just take a look at these photos:


Yup.  What you see is what you get.  There are no covers, no straps, no strings attached.  Only the foot sole – you do not put them on, you only step on them and you are ready to go!

Weird, ‘eh?  Told yah!

Anyway, according to the Fundals Footwear team, there are no spells and magic casted to make them stick to the foot.  The makers have not actually revealed the secret ingredient yet [I won’t blame them] as they only refer to their technology as “a special high-tech layer that sticks to the foot sole” --- nothing more, nothing less.  Hmmm… interesting, don’t you think?

No.  Fundals are not disposable.  They can be used and reused for years.  With regular cleaning and proper care, your Fundals and you can go a long, long way.

There are actually many benefits one can get by wearing Fundals.  Let me count the ways:

1.] It gives the feet the extraordinary feeling of freedom. 
2.] Because there are no covers and strings, your feet will always be blister-free even after taking long hours of walk.
3.] Definitely, no tan lines.
4.] No more sweaty feet therefore, goodbye smelly feet!
5.] They’re super comfortable.

After naming the good points, one question remains “Are you ready to wear Fundals?

Well, I am not.  I am no longer a fan of sandals and I rarely wear flip flops so wearing Fundals is obviously not my cup of tea.  But will I give it a try?  Yes, for sure I will!  I am really curious about this new product, aren’t you?

How about you?  Have you tried wearing Fundals?  If you have, do you like it?  If you still haven’t, do you think you’ll like wearing them or at least, are you willing to give it a try?

*photo credits: http://en.fundals.com*

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  1. Interesting footwear, but I wouldn't wear them also. They don't look completely comfortable to me; you're probably not able to move your toes freely wearing these fundals; a sticky feeling on my toes isn't comfortable for me.

  2. wow, intersting footwear, maxi! i dunno abt others, but it sure looks weird to me. mayb i am sued to seeiing flip flops with the straps. :P 

  3. Hello Sharda. I have to agree.  Very interesting but I'll probably not wear.  I want to try a pair though.  At least, owning a pair to add in my collection of footwear.  

    You have a great day.  Hugs!

  4. Hello Jean. So glad to see you here.

    Yup. Very interesting.  It sure is but so weird.  Just like you, I am not used to seeing flip flops minus the straps.  Looks so alien, isn't it?  Hope you have agreat day! 

  5. Morning sweetie! :)

  6. Ooooh how absolutely cool! I would love to try out a pair simply because I am curious to see how it will work minus the straps, very cool indeed, love this find Maxi! :* :* :*

  7. wow, i wonder how they work. they are weird but interesting, plus if it will solve my problem with sweaty feet then i am all for it! :) jared's little corner

  8. Kinda unique. Pretty interesting! How one will ever get to wear it around? I am taking a closer look again, LOL! 

  9. <span>wow, i wonder how they work. they are weird but interesting, plus if it will solve my problem with sweaty feet then i am all for it! <img></img> </span>
    <span>jared's little corner</span>

  10. Hello hello! So glad to see you here again!

    They stick to your sole.  It just does.  They really are weird, aren't they?

  11. Hello Lainy! Yes, you take  a closer look. No straps, no strings. Just the sole. Interesting, huh?  Hope you can get a pair and try them out. I will have to try them, too. :)

  12. Hello. Yes. I hope that these fundals will help you get rid of your sweaty feet problem. :)  Try them and let us know how it works.  Hugs!

  13. Hello Marzie. Thank you for the kisses. Kisses back a'cha!  :* :* :*

  14. Good morning to you, too! 

  15. Yes Marzie... Cool and yet, weird. Perhaps I am not just used to looking at 'em without the straps.  yayks!

    yes, you definitely should try them, too. I will.. hopefully, soon! Hugs!

  16. wow! that is too pretty...love the floral design...nope, never heard of this thing before...ehehehe! I would like to try...it looks comfy!

  17. Kakatuwa naman tingnan ......pero murag di ko mosout ana . Pangit baya akong tiil. Kung mosuot ka anang tsinelas na na, exposed tanan akong ugat ug kapangitan sa akong tiil .....

  18. Yes. It looks comfy, Dhemz but I really think that I will need time to get used to wearing them especially that I am not really into flip flops anymore.  

  19. Yes. Same here Bingkee. Kahit na kakatuwa tingnan, I won't be wearing them but I sure want to try them just to know how it feels like :)  Haha! nakakatawa man ko nimo ui. Unsa gud pangit ka ug tiil?  Di siguro ui.  Hugs!

  20. sexy legs and body9 July 2011 at 08:08

    Interesting Maxi, thanks for sharing. What will people come up with next??

    I am working on a new post, and this time I don't owe someone anything, I am going to give you a shout out.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  21. interesting indeed; but I find it awkward looking...hehe!

    Hugs to you lovely maxi!  Take care. :)

  22. Hello Skippy Heart! Yup. It's awkward looking for sure!

    You , too .  have a great weekend :)

  23. Oh Colin. I do not know what invetors will invent next.  Looks crazy, huh?

    haha.  You do not have to owe anyone anything, I guess. Feel free to blog whatever you want :)

    Will wait for the shoutout!  Hugs from me to you!

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