Floral Dresses by Marks & Spencer

by - Monday, July 11, 2011

I did a short e-window shopping on the Marks & Spencer online store.  I primarily checked for their items on sale however, nothing was able to make my heart skip a bit.  I caught sight of four ravishing floral summer dresses.  Sad to say, the pieces were pricey and without a red tag on, I’d rather add them to my wish list and wait. 

So anyway, here they are:

The Indigo Collection Pure Cotton Floral Dress
Scoop neck
Thin adjustable straps
Empire line
Floral print
Stripe trim
Pleat and gathered detail
The bow on the back makes this dress prettier.  It works well with a pair of sneakers.  Cool for the long summer walks. 
Limited Collection Sleeveless Ditsy Floral Dress
Crossover v-neck
Thin adjustable straps
Wide empire line
Ditsy floral print
Gathered detail
The crossover v-neck design with the frilled trimmings - sexy!  Great with a pair of ballet flats, open toe flat sandals or heels. 
Per Una Pure Cotton Hawaiian Band Belted Dress
Gathered feature
Belt loops
Hawaiian print
Smocked detail
Side pockets
My favorite!  The yellow, pink and red flowers on a white cloth is just spot on.  The presence of green on this dress makes the dress stand out more.  The pockets on the sides, the belt and the tube top add so much charm.  I like the length, too.  I find it irresistible! 
V-Neck Floral Lace Kaleidoscope Print Dress
Thin straps
Empire line
Kaleidoscope print
Floral lace design
Gathered feature
I like its v-neckline and the floral prints.  The lace on the edge of the skirt gives it a striking look. I will not wear it with a pair of flip flops though.  I'll go with a pair of ballerina shoes instead.

Do you have dresses by Marks & Spencer in your wardrobe?  If you have, how many?  If you don’t own any, are you planning on purchasing at least one anytime soon?

*photo credits: www.marksandspencer.com*

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  1. me? LOL! i don't have any..but i am welcoming gifts!LOL!haahaha

  2. i love the 2nd one..

  3. have a great week te maxi!

  4. morning maxi!  :* :* :*

  5. great picks on the dresses! i love it esp the hawaiian band belted dress! the colors are so refershing! :)

  6. Fashion CouSense12 July 2011 at 08:29

    Oooh that hawaiian band belted dress looks absolutely fabulous!

  7. Fashion CouSense12 July 2011 at 08:30

    I thought I've already followed your blog. Was mistaken. Followed you now! I enjoy reading your articles. :)

    - Cherie

  8. Why does girl's outfits cost that much!? just wondering. Anyway, it looks good and sexy!

  9. I own a little black dress from M&S, but that's about it.. :-P

  10. I own a couple of summer dresses, but none by M&S, but seeing your picks, I better take a look at their line soon! :) I love your picks, it's just the kind of dresses I would wear.. :)

  11. Just gave you a blog award! ;)

    Check out the link below:

    - Cherie


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