Promotional Items That Work For Me

by - Monday, July 25, 2011

I went through the kitchen cupboards the other night to get rid of unnecessary items and end up with a more organized kitchen.  While decluttering the cabinets, I found a dozen [at least] of promotional coasters and glasses with company logos on.  “Not bad”, I thought. 

With so many companies offering products and services nowadays, the competition gets steeper everyday.  It has long been proven that advertising in forms of promotional products [] works most of the time.  I mean, who doesn’t love freebies?  Anyway, here are two promotional items that work perfect for me:

First, a plush keychain with logo – These key holders are so charming and adorable!  They’re a delight.  At the moment, I only have two.  One’s attached to the strap of my favorite sling bag while the other holds my keys together in its ring.  I never leave home without my keys making key tags the most effective promotional tool for my recall.

Another promotional product which I always find useful is a coffee mug.  My day begins and ends with a cup of hot coffee, plus a cup or two in between.  I like love coffee [obviously] and coffee mugs are something I’ll gladly keep.  Speaking of coffee and mugs, I still don’t own a travel coffee mug *sad face*.  I hope to get one soon.  A freebie, maybe?  Well, see.

How about you?  Have you received a lot of promotional products lately?  If you’ve had, what items work best for you?  Any favorites?

Oh by the way, anyone who’ve received promotional ear warmers?  They’re my ears’ best friends during the cold winter days.  I have two pairs at the moment [here’s one of them] and I still want more.  I hope to get a few free pairs one day!

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  1. hi maxi. you're right! promotional items work for me too! esp if they have one set of the collection. :)

  2. i love mugs too!! :)

  3. Ahhh...that plush tigre looks so cute. Love the mug as well. I also love promotional items. I had received a cool 3 coloured marker on Sunday.;)

  4. Promotional items that works for me are mugs, pens, notebooks and pen holders.

  5. Hello Jean.

    Oh. A set of a collection as a promotional product sounds cool. Haven't received a whole promo set yet. Wish to have one day :)

  6. We're the same!  We both love mugs!

  7. yup. the plush tiger is really cute. I want to have it!

    Wow! three markers!  Good for you. Haven't received any promotional products lately.

    Have a great day :)

  8. He he hey... is this one from BV??? :-$ :-$ *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

  9. I havent received any great promo items as of late but I do love them too, come to me promo items! :D:D


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