Shopping Deals - Fail!

by - Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love shopping [I know you love it, too!] and great deals always spice up my mood.  30%, 50%, 70% off the tag price, buy one get another one for free --- these signs and more are sights for sore eyes, aren’t they?  However, if the shopping signs for deals and treats are like the ones below, you’ll definitely get sore eyes and well, a good laugh to go!

Yup. This store is offering ear piercing for FREE --- that’s, after you’ve paid $7.95 and purchased a pair of earrings.  Great deal, ‘eh?

What’s the offer again?  Yayks! I'm super lost here!

Oh wow… everyTING’s priced at 99¢.  Oh wait!  Or LESS and UP? Hmmm. Bummer!

I have difficulties deciding on which deal to pick.  Can anyone please help me choose?  I wonder what deal I’ll get for 2T-shirts?  How about for 7?  Anyone?

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How about you?  Do you love shopping deals?  Have you ever seen funny ones like these?  Aren’t they awesome?

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  1. Hi Maxie just love this signs LMAO. Great post my dear sweet friend. Sorry have been around much. Not doing to much posting myself been very busy at work. Take care my friend hugs 8-)

  2. LOL @ buy 3 get 0 hahahha...funny signs that tickle our funny bones!! :-D :-D :-D

  3. happy Monday and have a great week ahead sweetie! :) ;)

  4. that's a lot of sales

  5. Naloka ako dito! hahaha!

  6. ang mura naman,hehe..

  7. Hello Bill! Yay!  Had fun posting this one!  Great to know that you liked 'em :)

    It's okey. I know that you're busy. I'll start having busy days, too soon.  

    You take care, too :)

  8. Hello Mon. :)

  9. yup. buy 3 get 0 free! I wonder why they were thinkin' So hahaha. :)

  10. You have a great weekend, Monica. Thanks for dropping by :)

  11. Hello Nova. Items with funny, confusing deals! :)

  12. Hello Anney. Naloka rin ako! Tawa ako nang tawa.. Di kaya!

  13. Hello Arvin.. Mali-maling signs ito!   :)  Kaya ayan.. mura... haha

  14. haha! all so funny!
    thanks for sharing, lovely maxi. :)


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