Some More HUMONGOUS Slippers!

by - Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 15, 2011 – Bebe and I, along with Mamma Lena and Anders drove to Bollnäs, a 30-minute drive from our hometown.  The first thing we did was to stop by the Police Station, not to report a crime or so but to apply for my Swedish passport which in the first place I was supposed to do a year ago *sigh*.  Five minutes after, passport application – done!  I was told to wait for max 5 days for my passport to arrive.  Not bad.  [F.Y.I. my Swedish passport arrived 3 days later.  Quick, huh!]

We then headed to an Asian store located a few feet from the Police Station [will tell you about my Asian food shopping later], then to El Giganten and to a pretty store called Karlssons where I found these great darlings:

Huge frog and pig slippers at Karlssons, Bollnäs.   I look like a dwarf when on them and with them.
These oink oink slippers are really big!  Love 'em a lot!
A closer look on the giant comfy froggies!

They’re actually called TV slippers – designed to keep the feet warm while watching telly during the cold winter season.  However, for me, I’ll probably end up hugging these gigantic cute slippers instead of having then on my feet.  Ahhh..  so lovely!

Do you own giant huggable slippers, too?

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  1. Was here visiting. Have a wonderful weekend


  2. Na may pa k apply na og passport ako wla pa jd ka apply og citizenship hehe...ka nice anang slippers oi nahan ko sa frog slipper, wa mn koy ing ana kadako na slippers oi hehe..

  3. hi maxi! i love the slippers!! haha, you're right! i think i would end up hugging them instead of slipping in. :)


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