A Week In London This August

by - Friday, July 29, 2011

As mentioned on two of my posts [this and this], there’s a huge possibility that I’ll be flying to London with Bebe anytime this year for a short vacation.  A week ago, Bebe’s booked the tickets online.  Yipee!!!

We’ll depart on the 7th of August and fly back home on the 14thIf I remember it right, we’ll be taking a RyanAir flight to London and a British Airways plane on our return trip.  We’re at the moment planning our bus [or train] and taxi rides from our town to the airport in Stockholm.  We need to book some seats as early as possible to get better deals and avoid hassles.  We hope to sort everything out within this week.  I am pretty sure that everything will turn out right.

It’s my first time to use my Swedish passport and I am excited to have it stamped! 
Our Swedish passports
We’ll be staying at Lo’s uncle’s house [Lo - Bebe’s best friend] for the entire week which is good news for the pocket. 

My boyfriend reminds me every now and then to make a wish list of the places I want to visit.  I am not yet done but I am getting there.   I am carefully choosing the tourist spots to place on my list to make sure that it’s reasonable for a week stay.  Shopping is definitely included!

I promise to take loads of pictures and share the experience!

How about you?  Have you been to London?  For how long?  What places have you visited while there? If you haven't been to London and aren't planning on going there anytime soon, where else do you plan on spending your next vacation? Check out the photo below for the top vacation spots around the globe!

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  1. I hope your travel plans go well.  How exciting to bbreak in a new Passport!  I am glad your blog is in English.  I do not comprehend and of the Filipino langua2ge (or Bisaya?)  That I saw in previous comments on your posts.  I do remember answering many questions with the phrase "gamay lang".  Still, are you speaking Swedish now, or is there plenty English in the European streets?

  2. Starting today, you can get public transport directions for London within Google Maps. One of Europe's largest metropolitan areas, London is a major destination for both business travelers and tourists.

  3. Yay your comment box is ok sweetie!

  4. Ha ha ha ha yes we've been to London before and feel free to check out my old posts for places to go hehehehe wow what an awesome vacay it will be for u and BF sweetie!!!!

  5. I'm sure u will have a blast and I know u and Bebe will return home all happy and excited later, enjoy urselves and have a great time together! :* :* :* :* :*

  6. wow, it will be fun..Na never pa ako nakavisit any other countries sa europe except sweden lol..as for now, d pa pwede mgtravel, liit pa c baby eh..baka next vacation ko pinas ulit hehe..


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