Cooking School: Day 2

by - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This morning was our second day in school and everything went alright.  Yeah, I know … no pictures still!  Blame that on my overexcited soul! 
Photo credit: http://www2.yrkesakademin.se/
Anyhoo… everything went well today.  We went through the study plan, the basics and the rules we must remember when inside the kitchen.  We also received two books for our brains to absorb.  Classes were supposed to end at 4PM however, because the first couple of days were only spent on the getting-to-know each other and the getting-to-know the course parts, we were sent home before the clock struck 12PM.

We are only twelve in class and everyone seems to get along pretty well.  New friends for me!  Yipee-ei-o!
Our instructor, Jonas is a one great guy.  He’s calm, funny and feeds us a bunch load of information that we need. 

Half of the time, we’ll be in class [theory] while the other half’s scheduled for us to be in the big kitchen!  Yum yum!

Tomorrow’s going to be more exciting as we’ll be trying on our chef coats and pants.  Sizes for our working shoes will also be submitted so orders can be placed ASAP.  Have I mentioned that we do not need to pay for anything?  I love Sweden!

I will try to turn off my amnesia button tomorrow and take some photos of the building where our classes are being held and if it will be possible, I’ll take some pics of the kitchen, too.

Until later!

By the way, a friend has shared to me this topic: The Process of Brewing Beer which I find so interesting.  I am not sure though if we’ll discuss about this during the entire course.  We’ll see!

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  1. HI Maxie that so cool you going to cooking school. So did i through the military. Are you training to be a Chef? Good luck in your schooling. I am looking forward to the pics my friend :-D

  2. What fun! :-D

    What about photos of your hardwork too? :-D

  3. I'm jealous ... sounds awesome. Enjoy!

  4. wow! good for you girl! another big achievement na naman ito....would love to enroll myself to cooking class....kaso mahal naman dito...ehehhee....honga, are you trying to be a chef?

  5. Hi sis maxi. Thanks for your comment, am back here. tnx for the nice chitchat :)   Your back in school now. For sure you can be a good chef one day. Cook one for me sis ha? Looking forward :) . Ingatz sissy.

  6. I wanna see pics of your cuisine later, I can't wait! :) :) :)

  7. Happy cooking and happy learning Maxi! :* :*


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