Cooking School: Week 1 - DONE ... And The Journey Has Just Begun

by - Friday, August 19, 2011

As always, time runs extremely fast.  It carries the super-speed ability that the famous DC superhero [The Flash] possesses.  It’s here now and by the time you blink, it has already passed you by.  Well, our first week in culinary school has been and gone.  So far so good!  There are a lot to learn, a lot to cook and a lot to eat!  Yum!

Our chef coats, pants, shoes, hats and a few more books might arrive on Monday.  We’ll begin spending hours inside the kitchen on Wednesday [Yipee!].  I am new in the world of the art and science of gourmet cuisine - [to be honest] makes me kinda excited and nervous at the same time.  Because our instructor has been in the business for a very long time, I am confident that we’ll all learn a lot from him.

As promised on my previous post [Cooking School: Day 2], here are a few photos!  Will definitely share more pictures in the coming days.
Classes are held on the second floor of Stadshotellet [The Stads Hotel] located in the town center of Söderhamn.   Theory classes on the second floor and the big kitchen on the ground floor.
The big kitchen.  It's massive.  The photo above shows only half of the kitchen.  
It takes me about 20 minutes to walk to the hotel from our apartment [that’s if I want to walk under the shade of calmness *wink*].  Every morning, I pass by this lovely garden located right in front of the Town Hall which, well… lies right next to Stadshotellet.
Since food has been the topic  all the time [what else?], I went home after class today with a hungry tummy.  Tummy keeps on whispering to the brain, “I want fries with a Crème fraîche-taco sauce dip.” I stopped by the grocery store and bought what were needed to satisfy the craving.  Fried about 350grams of potato sticks, fixed the dip and made myself a cup of hot coffee.  Finishing what was on my plate wasn’t a success.  I had a few some strips left.  The tummy exclaimed, “Stop!
Hungry earlier.  Now, no more. 
Cooking school: week 1: DONE and the journey has just begun!

Update [28 August]:  For those who are asking if I am changing professions, let’s just say I am testing the waters.  I am a pharmacist and have worked in the field for years.  Now that I am 32, I have this burning desire to try something new.  I really love good food and cooking is my passion.  Hopefully, everything will work great for me.
See more at this site: www.PharmacyTechnician.net

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  1. Wow sweetie, u've enrolled in a cooking school? How appropriate!!

  2. I'm positive u will pass with flying colours, you are so talented, good luck! :* :*

  3. I would be hungry too, if all I see and think about is food! :-D

  4. Ang Bongga naman! Ang laki ng mga mixers! By the way may award  nga pala ako para sayo.

    One Lovely blog Award and Sunshine Award

  5. Sounds like something I would enjoy doing ... but no deep fried Twinkie yet? Shame shame shame .... :-P

  6. What a beautiful area!  Of course, I realize much of the year, you are under snow.  But right now, it's lovely.  The buildings are picturesque and it must be quite a nice walk.  I think the cooking school will be a lot of fun and the walk will be good - or you could add a few pounds!!  You're not changing professions, are you?


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