Furuvik: Zoo And Amusement Park [2010 And 2011]

by - Thursday, August 04, 2011

20 July 2011 – A fun-filled day with the family!

It wasn’t actually my first time to visit the Furuvik Zoo and Amusement Park in Gävle.  I was there in August of 2010 however, I somehow skipped publishing a post about that great day here on my blog.  [I wonder why…]

So, anyhoo… as planned, the gang [I, Bebe, Mama Lena, Anders, Micke, Louise, Julia and a friend, Denise, Emma and a friend, Stig and Magnhild] met at Furuvik’s parking area at past 10 in the morning, paid the parking tickets [35 Swedish crowns for the entire day] and made our way to the entrance gate.  T’was not that far though.  If I guessed it right, it was 30-40 meters away from where the cars were stationed.  Not bad, ‘eh?

Adult: 195 Swedish crowns [SEK] per person [+/-30USD, +/-1,300Php
Children from 3-12 years old: 165SEK [+/-25USD, +/-1,100Php]
Children below 3 years old: free

Amusement ride fees:
Ride pass [Unlimited rides] 195SEK per person [+/-30USD, +/-1,300Php]
Children below 3 years old: Free but must be accompanied by a paying adult

In 2010: She was the yellow alien.
In 2011: She turned into this green cougar.  
In 2010.
In 2011. The same bench.
In 2010. I was lucky to get too close to a lemur. 
In 2011.  I was meters away from the cute creature.
2010.  I spent a few minutes with Emma in the sheep haven.
2011.  Emma spent a few minutes with her friend inside the sheep haven. 
2010. Asia! [Asien]
2011. Yes, Asia!
2010.  Bumper cars!
2011.  New amusement ride: Roller Coaster.  Bumper cars - NO MORE!
A pose with two lovely basset hounds.  
The much needed soft ice cream break.
With the circus juggler!
Bebe went home with this 2KG Toblerone.  I'd eaten a quarter of it already.   Sweet!
It was packed with people!
There are a number of picnic areas open the entire day.  There are also restaurants all over the place .
Hmmm. Yum... grilled chicken and sausages!

My 2010 and 2011 Furuvik experiences have been excellent!  We’re planning to visit it every year.  I can’t wait to get back there in 2012!  Oh yeah!

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  1. looks like a fun place to visit! reminded me of zoobic safari here (Philippines)...

    love the before and after pic! :)

    thanks for the visit, Maryanne <3 
    enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Fashion CouSense5 August 2011 at 03:13

    lovely photos. i'm so jealous! i wanna go there too. :)

  3. sexy legs and body5 August 2011 at 04:59

    Wooow, what a lovely place, great pics, quite a lot to learn also. Thanks for sharing Maxi, and thanks for dropping a line on my last post, great hearing from you.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. hello swettie! i enjoyed looking at yr phots, esp the 2010 & 2011 comparison! :)

  5. looks like a fun day you had! :)  hope you'll hv a fantas~licious weekend wt yr Bebe!! :)   :* :*

  6. Nice photos!  Cute namn nung mga comparison photos!  Gusto ko din ng ganyan kalaking toblerone!! hehehe! Yung byahe nga pala from manila to subic e mga 4 hours depende rin sa traffic. Have a nice weekend!

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  8. awwwwwww...how fun! so much fun....sarap magvacay ano....lalo pag magaganda yung places na gusto mong puntahan....love your get up Maxi...labi na imong green top...type nako...ehehehe!

    thanks sa symphaty and visit...great to be here again...have a good one!

  9. Nice pics and I love that zoo! I wanna visit there sometime soon as well!

  10. <span>That’s wonderful images of animals and fun at amusement… and I really like the first two and the ice cream you have. Hehe… Hope you had best outing with family and I wish you have it always :) </span>

    <span><span></span><span></span>Nice meeting you  Maxi</span>


  11. I'm so glad to get on, Maxi..for awhile, for some reason, I wasn't able to download your blog.  Couldn't figure out why but, at last, here you are on my computer and what a fun post.  I just love all the pictures!  Seems like this Furuvik Zoo and Amusement Park is a wonderful spot for children of ALL ages!  The animal shots are great and I loved that you included many of you having fun.  My favorite, of course, is that very scrumptious looking ice cream cone!  It was huge.


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