My Favourite Silver Ring - Lost In London

by - Monday, August 15, 2011

Bebe and I are back to Sweden where reality awaits us! 

The United Kingdom, as expected is a stunning place to visit.  We’ve stayed there for six days and six nights and the whole vacation has been fabulous.  Thanks to Lo and his family who welcomed us with open arms.  [I’ll be writing more about the Sibley family later.]

11 August 2011 - 5th day in the UK:  Lo, Bebe and I spent most hours of the day in the City of London and a few hours at night in the City of Westminster, London.  It was in the City of Westminster where I unfortunately dropped my favourite silver ring. I couldn’t really figure out where I specifically dropped it and how.  My finger was still wearing the ring while we were watching the Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square.  I could have lost it while walking towards the Tube [The Underground Station] or was while inside the train.  I realized that it was missing when we already reached home.  Oh my… I did it again!
Goodbye my dear silver ring.   Hope you're having a great time in London without me.
Since the next day wasn’t scheduled for shopping [we headed to Southend in Essex],I wasn’t able to squeeze in some time to hunt for a replacement ring so I decided to wait awhile and promised myself to shop for a new one online instead.

The Silver Island e-shop  [http://www.silverisland2007.co.uk/] offers great clearance deals of up to 50% off on rings and other jewelry pieces such as sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and chains.  They also sell designer watches for both gents and ladies so do check ‘em out!

As of the moment, my eyes are fastened to this gorgeous sterling silver ring:
Black Onyx Sterling Silver Ring

made from Sterling Silver in a highly polished finish and set with black Onyx and White Topaz.    Price: was at £28.99 down to £18.99
I have to say that Silver Island’s amber jewellery selection is also worth checking out.  Their Honey Amber Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring is something I really fancy.  She’s an attractive piece, isn’t she?  If she’s only on sale, I’ll add it to my cart.  She comes with a £29.99 price tag.
I will probably have the website running on my computer for the next few days or so just to make sure that I will not be missing out on excellent bargains before closing my e-shopping cart.

Oh, have I mentioned that every item you purchase at Silver Island comes with a premium gift box and a silver chain? Yes… both at no extra cost!

How about you?  Have you ever lost a piece of jewelry?  Where and how?

*Photo credits: http://www.silverisland2007.co.uk/*

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  1. I am so sorry to here about your ring Maxie. It sounds like you had a great time in London besides that thought. Maybe one day i will get to go over there. 8-)

  2. It must have been a grand vacay, Pretty Maxi. Can't wait to see some lovely captures :)  

    I am sorry to hear about the lost ring. You can always get a new one but I am sure the sentimental value of the lost ring you can't easily let go of. 

    Love and hugs from the Philippines. 

    See yah!

  3. oh, too bad! i guess your ring decided to stay behind in London without you...I hope you find a suitable replacement soon :)

  4. sexy legs and body18 August 2011 at 16:51

    Hi Maxi,

    so sorry to hear about your ring! it is a bummer. Glad you had a great holiday, welcome home.

    Thanks for dorpping by my sitem greagt hearing from you.

    Hope your week has  been better than mine.

  5. Welcome home sweetie, I'm sure London was a blast yay!

  6. You were there right smack in the middle of the riot eh? Glad to see u are home safe and sound, hope u find that ring too! I am still looking for my necklace, which I know for sure I brought back home with me from my Singapore trip but for the life of me, can't seem to find ever since.. sigh!! =-X =-X =-X =-X

  7. Hello Bill.  It's okey.  No worries now.  Not that sad anymore :)

    I had a blast in London and parts of the UK.  YOu can one day bring Ate Gina to London.  She'll like it there :)

  8. Hello Lainy.  It was a great place to visit and would love to go back there one day.  Will post pics later. :)

    Bought the ring in the Philippines almost two years ago.  Love that ring. Now it's gone but it's okey.  I'm over it :)

    Yup. See yah! :)

  9. Hello :)   Yup. My ring fell in love with London and decided to stay there forever.  I'll find a suitable replacement soon. still deciding :)

  10. Hello Colin!

    Yup. It's a bummer but after a week, I'm finally over the sadness :)

    The vacation was great :)  Enjoyed it a lot.

    Take care. Hugs!

  11. kisses back at'cha Marzie!  :* :* :*

  12. Thank you, Marzie.  London was a blast!

  13. Yup. Riots quite destroyed a few plans but I still had a great time in the UK anyway.  

    Oh, hope you find your necklace soon.  I am missing a few things, too. Just realized it a few days back.  I might have just misplaced them. Oh oh no.



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