My Thai Tea Breaks From Time To Time

by - Sunday, August 28, 2011

When I migrated to Sweden on June 29, 2007, there were only two phrases I knew: Jag älskar dig [I love you] and Jag saknar dig [I miss you].  Oh, I also know the Swedish way of saying hello which is Hej [pronounced as hey].  Apart from these, I felt like I was in China, if you know what I mean.  I heard people talking in this language which was so alien to me.  It was horrible, very very horrible.

A month later, I enrolled at SFI or Svenska för Invandrare [Swedish for Immigrants] which was the first step for all immigrants to take.  I could still recall… the first day of class, I went home crying like a baby.  I told Bebe that I would not want to go back to class as the teacher was talking to me in Swedish the whole time which was frustrating [rule number 1: No English In Class!].  But before getting to bed, I realized that by following the first rule would help me learn quicker and it did.  It only took me three months and I was ready for the next level and the next one and then the final language course stage.

So, anyway, it was at SFI where I had the chance to mingle with my fantastic classmates from all over the world.  Most of them, from Thailand.  Everytime our teacher declares “Break for 30 minutes!”, my Thai classmates prepare cups of their delicious tea. Often they make hot tea, sometimes glasses of Thai Iced Tea [http://www.thaiteaset.com/].  Though I wasn’t a huge tea fan, I took a sip or two most of the time to feed my curiosity.
21 December 2007.  Marghit's house.  With my SFI classmates.  Five from Thailand.  One from Argentina.  One from China.  One from the Philippines [my dear friend, Ate Mina]
If you consider yourself a huge tea fan, check out this Iced Thai Tea recipe.  The steps are not at all complicated.  In under thirty minutes, you’ve already prepared glasses of sumptuous Thai tea for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

For your convenience, here is even a Thai Tea recipe video tutorial that you can easily follow:
Thai tea holds a great flavour but because just like the Swedish language, Thai tea tasted so foreign to me during those days at SFI.  I needed quite a long time to get used to its texture.  Honestly, almost four years have passed and I am still in the process of teaching my taste buds to like it without limit.  I’m positive that I’ll get there somehow.
Okey.  It’s time for me to take a break for a moment.  Will fix myself a refreshing cup of tea now.  See yah’ all latah’!

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