Portable Solar Batteries For iPhone Buffs!

by - Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 34 [meaning, last week] was superb.  I was able to chat with my family most days of the week.  A month ago, they applied for an internet service from another provider so they could dump the old one.  They were “internetless” for a week until on week 34, the new internet service provider turned ON the switch for them.  Woohoo!

You see, living miles and oceans away from your family can make you feel so incomplete.  There isn’t a day that you do not think of them, and they - of you.  If internet hasn’t been invented, imagine how difficult it must be to get constant communication with family and friends around the globe.  In my own experience, technology has been indeed successful in making the distance shorter, it’s a gift to me, a gift to the world.

… And to even make living cozier, super handy gadgets [yes, that’s how I refer to them] were created.  My iPhone has been my super gadget since 2009.  Oh yup.  I am an iPhone buff!  I usually have my Yahoo and Facebook chat accounts ON on my iPhone.  This way, my loved ones can easily buzz me round-the-clock whenever they want to.  It’s a cool piece of technology that I take with me wherever I go.  It’s a pain in the neck though when my handy-dandy device runs out of battery while I am on-the-go.  Yeah, bummer, right?  I’ve heard about portable solar battery chargers [http://www.goalzero.com/] and I am thinking of checking them out myself.  It will definitely be an advantage to have them along especially when traveling.  Hopefully, I can get one soon!
Oopps… dinner is calling.  I need to attend to my stomach’s need now so it’s bye bye for awhile!

[This blog campaign is from Bucks2Blog and is sponsored by Goal Zero [http://www.goalzero.com/]. All opinions are 100% mine.]

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