Cosmopolitan: Latest Issue On Hand

by - Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The latest issue of Cosmopolitan [language: Swedish] arrived at our doorstep early this week.  I’ve been a subscriber [thank you BebeRed lips] for more than a year now and it’s the first time in history that I did not rush into reading the pages at once.  I have been having really busy weeks that 24 hours a day feels like ten hours short.  The Cosmo Mag is just lying there, on the computer table waiting for me to devote some of my attention to “her”.  Uh-oh!


It is only now that I’ve noticed the “32 spring shoes to boost your fashion sense” catchy phrase on the upper corner of cover.  No matter how “catchy” the invitation is, it does not seem to work for me these days.  Am I finally losing my passion?  Oh… no no no!  I’m still definitely into shoes and when the schedule’s already a lot lighter, I’ll spend serious time checking those 32 shoes for spring! --- 

NAH, not to buy any new pairs but to feed my eyes and curiosity.  After buying six pairs of shoes in London, I need to lay low for awhile.  For the meantime, I must prioritize getting my shoe cabinet organized because I am … honestly, experiencing a hard time finding the pair of shoes I want for a specific outfit.  It’s stressful to go through a mountain of boxes, if you know what I mean.

Time check: 11:46PM.  Oooops…  gotta hit the bed now!  I must get up really early for school tomorrow.

I will create a post about my more organized shoe wardrobe by the time it’s done [I wonder when would that beI don't know smile]. Night nighty everyone!

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