From XS to XL? Please No!

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We’re now on our 6th week in culinary school.  Fortunately, I’ve managed to keep my extra-small size intact despite the many days of what seems to be “endless” eating.  Whew!

During our first week in school, we were teasing each other about the possibilities of gaining too much weight throughout the program.  It was kinda alarming to listen to but the fact remains that it might happen.  Pretty scary, huh?
4th week in culinary school.
I don’t hang onto any specific diet routine.  I mean, yes, I walk to and from school but that’s the only exercise I get everyday.  I want to do something more like putting my feet on my elliptical trainer but whenever I arrive home, my body is already too tired to start the exercise machine rolling.
UKVacation2011 129
Taken in London.  A few days before I started attending my culinary course [08 August].
17Sept11Cathday 121-2
A photo taken three days ago [17 September] with my Filipina friends.  Same dress size Rolling on the floor laughing
My friends keep on telling me that I one of the few lucky ones who doesn’t gain weight that quick.  But am I really supposed to cling to lady luck all the time?  No, I shouldn’t.  I am aware that I have to do my part to make sure that my body will not be carrying a larger than normal amount of fat.  So one day, hopefully soon, I will be getting on that elliptical machine of mine and sweat it out!  Who knows?  I might already begin tomorrow or else, my size XS in only a few months time might turn into an XL!  Yayks!

If in case you have unwanted fats especially in several areas of the body which exercise can’t get rid off, there’s this thing called lipo-dissolve, a proven safe procedure and a cheaper choice to the already known surgical liposuction.   There’s this lipodissolve Phoenix [] clinic where you can gather more information about the process. 

How about you?  Have you gained or lost weight lately?

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  1. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  2. I am positive I've been gaining weight with all the eating I've been doing sigh!!!!! And yup, u are one lucky skinny woman huhuhuhuhuhu, can eat whatever and still look super slim, I do envy you sweetie! :) :) :)


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