Great Savings: Lotion, Lotion, Lotion and oh… Lotion!

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I dropped by the pharmacy right after school this afternoon to buy vitamin C in effervescent form.  I grabbed a tube and while on my way to the cashier, a lovely poster caught my eye:


Offer: 4 Hjärtat* products of your choice for 75 Swedish crowns [SEK] ~ +/- 11USD.

*Hjärtat - The Heart/Heart - the pharmacy’s own brand

Hjärtat products to choose from and their corresponding ordinary prices:

Body lotion 400mL, pump 55SEK
Liquid hand soap 350mL, pump 25SEK
Liquid hand soap 350mL, refill 22SEK
Deo roll-on 50mL 35SEK
Shampoo 200mL/Conditioner 200mL 29SEK
Shower Gel 400mL, pump 36SEK

I could not believe my eyes Surprised smile .  I asked the pharmacy assistants [three of them actually] just to be sure and yep, 4 products of my choice for only 75!  Oh my.  Oh my.  Oh my.  No second thoughts.  No pauses.  I grabbed a bottle of body lotion, lotion, lotion and oh… another lotion!  Because each was originally priced at 55SEK, I was able to save 145SEK [+/-22USD] on all four bottles!

SeptDeals 008copyright

The happy Open-mouthed smile Piglet with a tube of Vitamin C and four bottles of body lotion.

SeptDeals 009copyright


I went home with a huge smile on my smile.  More lotion of high quality to keep my skin supple and soft especially during the upcoming very cold and dry Swedish winter months.  Oh yeah!

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