If I Get To Travel To The USA In 2012

by - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Despite the fact that I do not have a golden voice, I love to sing.  In 2009, Bebe bought me a portable videoke machine [Ziller O] which became my best friend especially during my boring days.  In most occasions, I sing two of Avril Lavigne’s songs: “Sk8ter Boi” from her debut album Let Go and “My Happy Ending” from the album Under My Skin, her second.  I like Lavigne.  She has this fantastic voice with attitude.  She’s cool and I really look forward to purchasing Avril Lavigne Tickets [http://www.acheapseat.com/] for me and Bebe one day --- maybe in one of her concerts in the USA sometime in 2012.
My Ziller O
Well, I mean, I guess Bebe likes listening to Lavigne’s songs, too [will have to ask him later about that] but he’ll be way happier if he gets Madison Square Garden tickets for a Foo Fighters night.  He’s a huge fan.  The last time he had been to a Foo Fighters concert was in 2006 in London.  If our trip to the USA next year becomes a reality, he might be able to see his favorite band on stage again.  We’ll see.

Speaking of our planned USA vacation, I’m quite curious to check United Center tickets and/or Nassau Coliseum tickets for Disney On Ice: Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey.  At 32, the child in me is still alive!  I love Mickey and Minnie A LOT!  I mean, who doesn’t?

I’ve read about Pageant of the Master where real people pose like living pictures for around ninety minutes.  Now that’s something I certainly don’t want to miss.  We’ll check for prices of Pageant Of Masters Tickets to feed my inquiring mind.

If everything goes well, our USA vacation will push through in summer of 2012.  If not, there will always be another time.  After all, everything happens for a reason, right?

To those who does not live in America, have you ever wished to fly there one day?  Why?

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