The London Wish List: Top Romantic Places to Visit

by - Monday, September 19, 2011

It’s difficult to get bored with London. There’s always a new area to discover, a new shopping complex opening up, or a new independent boutique you insist on buying all of this year’s outfits from. With a city so large and diverse, how can you possibly see it all? This may be the main reason so many live in the capital for many years, never tiring of its grand architecture, diverse, widespread entertainments and ever-changing nightlife.
London is also a fantastic place for romance. You may be celebrating your six-year anniversary or you may have just met someone through UK dating with eHarmony. Whatever the state of your love life is, here are five of London’s most romantic spots to check off your wish list…

Covent GardenThis incredibly beautiful area of central east London is the perfect place for a date – day or night. The cobbles, quaint courtyards, ancient buildings of stone and pillars of white set the scene perfectly. Then, for activities there are many theatres, street performers, chain stores, market stalls, fantastic restaurants and a great selection of bars and nightclubs. What more could you need for a bit of amour?

Holland ParkThis lesser-known London park is a delight to walk around, a picture of carefully maintained gardens, gushing fountains and delicious up-market restaurants. And as if this stunning scenery weren’t enough for the perfect romantic day-date, at night the covered outdoor theatre [http://www.operahollandpark.com/] puts on wonderful performances throughout the year. A summer evening, a walk through a delightful park, a picnic and an opera – how idyllic.

Hampton CourtThis amazing feat of architecture attracts many visitors each year with its fascinating history and extensive grounds. More recently, its annual ice-skating rink has boosted its popularity once again. In summer, lovers can walk hand-in-hand through the beautiful gardens and get lost together in the famous maze. In winter, they can attend themed theatre performances and skate on the ice for hours. An immensely romantic place at any time of year.London2

There’s always something romantic about a stroll down the river. And, yes, the Thames too can bring tears of amorous joy to your eyes if you see it from the right spot. Southbank, with its many renowned theatres – including Shakespeare’s Globe – its restaurants, shops and street performers, is always a great place to take a stroll, particularly a romantic one.

HighgateTake yourself back a few years and visit the gorgeous streets of Highgate. Located in north London, this suburb has really kept the look and feel of a seventeenth-century village. The buildings, the pubs and the shops will transport you back to a different time, and you’ll spend the afternoon in a happy tranquil bubble of tea drinking and boutique browsing. Absolutely perfect for a date.

You don’t need to take a personality test to work out where best to go in London with your partner - everyone will find these special places romantic!

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  1. The cobbles, quaint courtyards, ancient buildings of stone and pillars of white set the scene perfectly. Everything looks so differently beautiful.
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