My First Baby-G Watch by Casio

by - Monday, September 05, 2011

On our [Lo – Bebe’s best friend, Bebe and me] 2009 vacation in Hong Kong, I was searching for a Baby-G watch in the shade of blue.  I found one.  Unfortunately, the watch wasn’t in a very good condition anymore.  Maybe it had been on display for a long time.  It accumulated dirt and the color was starting to fade.  Because we were only there for a short five-day stay, I almost gave in and then ….  I thought that it would be better if I would wait until I’d be able to find a better looking one.  Sadly, we ran out of time and the Casio Baby-G watch remained in my wishlist.  By the time we got back home to Sweden, my dozen watches lying in my organizer somehow made me feel like I don’t really have to buy a new one.

Lo paid us a visit early this year and … surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  He handed me this pretty box with the blue Casio Baby-G watch I’ve always desired!  I was jumping for joy just like a little kid and the smile stayed on my face for quite a long time.

Since then, I’ve worn my newest timepiece so many times.  It really is a wonderful addition to my collection.

Thank you Lo for the awesome gift!

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  1. ka sosyal sa imung watch Maxe, basta pul an nka ingna ko ug asa nimu ilabay ky ako punit hehehehe

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  3. Hello thanks for dropping by my blogs but sorry I don't have any badge yet pls just follow me first and then I'll let you know about my badge as soon as I make one. I also have another site. I'll be putting your badge there too. I'm on my way to your other blog site now. ;)  www.ronareviews.blogspot.com

  4. Hello Shydub! Glad to see you here again!  

    Thank you. Sosyal lagi... hahahha... I know that you have laods of watches, too! :)

    Take care. Hugs!

  5. Thank you Rona.  I've been to your site and left you a comment there. Hope you've gotten it :)

  6. Oh. I got it now.  Been looking for your badge but I could not find it.  Now I understand.  If you want, I can just add you to my blogroll and you add me to yours.  That works great for me, too.  

    Just give me the titles of your blog and their links so I can add you up.  

    Thanks!  Hugs!

  7. Sure, please add me in any way u can. I appreciate your support! Muah! Love love!

  8. Left you another comment on one of your blogs. HOpe you get to read it and buzz me later if you get to decide on something. Hugs!

  9. <span>Oh really? Oh yes! Please if you have time please make for me.. I'm too happy. I cant contain it. hahaha! Muah. Salamat po. I'll be waiting then? hihi. Excited po ako talaga!</span>

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  11. Sent you the codes for your blogs's badges ... two blogs of yours.  Please check your e-mail

  12. I am not sure what's wrong with Bloggers.com.  Haven't visited the page for quite awhile.  

    But do not worry. Just go and sign up.  It's okey if you can't sign under me.  That's not a problem.  

    Have a great day and let me know if you still need some help :)

  13. Ms. Maxi! I just want to say, YOU'Re the BEST! Love love! Thanks for all the help. I'll be running to you when I need you. Muah!

  14. You are very welcome Rona.  Thanks for the love!  Yup.. Just leave me a comment here whenever you need a helping hand.  I am not an expert on all things but I always try my best to help.

    You take care and enjoy your badges!  Now I can grab them and put them on my badge exchange lists! :)

  15. I really am enjoying it! I blogged about it on my site, come check it out! ;)  www.ronadelle.blogspot.com

  16. awwww, what a wonderful gesture! suddenly, i missed the watch that hubby gave me eons ago...lol.  :-D

  17. thoughts of a sahm7 September 2011 at 13:37

    ohh, its look good to you..


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