Organic Products: Big In Sweden

by - Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Sunday, bulletin ads from different grocery shops located within our town are being dropped into our mailbox.  The ads contain four or more pages about the upcoming week’s grocery deals --- a smart way to help consumers plan ahead of time and save a few $$$ on the side.  For sure, it’s a delight to see pages after pages of bargains of consumer goods.

Before I went to bed last night, I happened to flip through a thick ad and in its centerfold was this:
organic foodcopyright
Organic Products on the ad: yoghurt, ice cream, baby food, bread, soup, bouillon cubes, berry juice, and coffee.
On the ad above: “Handla ekologiskt!” is simply “Buy Organic Products!” in English.  Here in Sweden, we are encouraged to inject organic produce into our grocery lists.  Because such food are free from chemicals, pesticides and are naturally grown, studies show that organic products are good for a person’s physical and overall wellness.  A lot of Swedish people are very keen when it comes to health making organic goods popular in this country.

Aside from the organic items shown above, organic meats are also in demand.  However, by experience, it is difficult to find them in stores.  Whenever I check the meat section, the organic meat products --- they’re already gone.  I often wonder if everyone’s in a “panic buying” mode.  At times, I only end up getting a tray of organic eggs for me to take home.  Well, at least, I have a dozen of organic chicken in my purchase.  It’s just that they’re all inside their shells still and are all in liquid form.  Yayks!

I know some who order all natural meats online.  This way, they don’t need to rush into the supermarkets and get frustrated if they arrive there a minute too late. I might do this, too one day.
How about you?  Do you buy organic products?  Which ones?

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  1. hello sweetie! i hardly ever buy organic food... it's just too expensive and partly becos i didn't really notice a lot of difference..hehe :-P

  2. happy Monday and hope you have a great week ahead! :) ;)


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