Our Old But Still New-Looking Poker Game Set

by - Saturday, September 24, 2011

My fascination with poker only started in 2009 when Zynga released an app of it on Facebook.  I found it uninteresting at first as I was having trouble remembering the rules and getting my own strategy.  I played once in a while until I noticed that I was beginning to like it.  I started playing a few tables 24Sept 013per day until I was able to learn how to trust my instinct.  There have been times when I signed up for several online casinos [http://onlinecasinospotlight.com/] just to meet more poker players over the internet.  Because there is a long list of poker online offering their members the option to play for free, I was able to practice some more.

I one day told Bebe to buy a poker game set so I could play poker offline, too.  He smiled and took out a box of poker game set.  His best friend gave it to him as a gift a few years ago.  I had no idea that we had a great treasure lying in one of the cabinets until he brought it to me.  The game set was still unused and was really pretty.
  24Sept 020
Our old but still new-looking poker game set.  I love its revolving chip and card holder.  I think it’s super cool, don’t you?
It was a delight to know that we did not have to purchase a poker set.  We were able to save money!  Thank you Lo [Bebe’s best friend]!

How about you?  Have you tried playing poker?  Offline or online?  Do you have your own poker game set at home?

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  1. Never played poker my entire life. But, believe it or not, my wife once becomes a card dealer at a casino in Canada. Too bad she never teached me the game and the winning technique of it.

  2. Online poker games is a completely hassle free task. First, it is absolutely indispensable to download the software of the game and install the same from the site you're referring to.


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