Shoes: Six New Pairs, From UK With Love

by - Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weeks before flying to the UK, I promised not to buy myself new pairs of shoes.  Don’t get me wrong, I was sincere about it however, keeping my word had been a struggle.  During our  barely a week stay in fascinating London, I managed to get hold of six new pairs of footwear.  Trust me.  I tried to stay away from temptation for as long as I could.  Yes.  I was weak.  Too weak to say NO.

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New shoes!!! Red heartRed heartRed heart

I got my first pair at St. Ann’s Shopping Centre in Harrow [it’s the (1.) white baby doll shoes shown on the photo above].  I was hoping to also get a pair in brown and another one in red of the same style.  Sadly, the size I was looking for was out of stock.  I guess I could call that, a blessing in disguise.  Whew!

We drove to The Galleria in Hatfield the following day.  I went home with a pair of (2.) white Nike flipflops and a pair of (3.) red Hush Puppies baby doll shoes.  After having three in total, I told myself to STOP!  Unfortunately, it did not work.

The next morning, I was brought to The Harlequin Shopping Centre [Watford] where I ended up purchasing a couple more pairs: a pair of (4.) light pink/brown ballerina and a pair of (5.) yellow ones both by Atmosphere.

UKVacation2011 176copyrightMy weakness did not end in Watford, it went on 24 hours later as we visited TK Maxx and Sports Direct located in Brent Cross where I paid for the last pair [finally!] of shoes: the pretty pair of (6.) Sister Moon baby doll footwear in pink.

That same night [from Brent Cross], I panicked!  Because we only had two days left in London, I tried packing our luggage and bam!  It hit me!  I could not fit all the items we shopped in our traveling bags.  The shoes took so much space and that was when I forced myself not to add some more pairs during the remaining two days in London.  Somehow, I managed to refrain from buying some more stuff.  That felt great!

With a lot of determination, we were able to bring home to Sweden all the pieces from our shopping days in the UK.

My shoe cabinet is crying and is in deep need of attention.  I’ve started organizing all of my shoes two weeks ago.  I hope to finish fixing things up within the week or so.  Good luck to me!

How about you?  What’s the latest in your shoe collection?  Any favorites?

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  1. I like it all sis...nice...  labi na ang red and white. :)

  2. Wow Ann new pairs na nmn lol..pila na kaya kabuok imo shoes diha sa inyo apartment hehe..ako la palit oi kay gamay kau ko og size 33 sa children section ko naga palit, ako uban na shoes kay sa pinas pa gkan hehe..bag akong trip karon haha..

  3. Hello Ms. Maxi! Oh, I love the brown doll shoes with a ribbon on it! Can I have it? haha! Missing you. God bless!


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