Women's Sweaters: Cozy, Chic And Fab!

by - Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spring has already kicked in.  The sun rarely shines so bright, rain, thunder and lighting are often upon us and the wind when it blows --- oh my, so chilly!  Brrrrrr…

Aside from having quite a collection of spring boots, I also own a fair selection of sweaters – mostly cardigans and a few pullovers.  I usually have them in plain black to avoid getting headaches matching them with what I am wearing.  I also have a couple of gray cardigans, two reds, a pink, one blue, two browns and a number in mixed colors [stripes and prints].  I barely own 3/4 or shorter sleeved sweaters.  Long sleeves always go on top of my choice!  I rarely buy sweaters for myself.  I think I’ve only purchased two or three.  The rest are gifts from Bebe [a bunch load], family and friends.  For the thoughtful gestures of these fantastic people around me, I am very thankful.
Yesterday evening’s outfit with my gray cardigan [with zipper]. Warm and cozy. A gift from Bebe. A favorite.
10September11 046copyright
Why I love women’s sweaters - they keep me warm during those months of the year when summer’s out to take its rest.  Because they come in different styles they also serve as one of my fashion accessories.  Cardigans are perfect in creating cool layers.  I get to look chic while keeping it simple.  One can easily transform a boring outfit into a more exciting one.  For some reason, it lifts up my confidence level.
Here are a few more of my cardigans:
A black cardigan with huge buttons.  Bought them on sale.
May2010 236copyright
My pink cardigan with two large buttons.  Thick and warm.  A gift from Bebe.
iPhoneEtc 086copyright
Another black cardigan [buttonless, zipperless and beltless].  Quite thin and really light.  Perfect for not-so-chilly days.  Photo taken in London, 12 August 2011]
UKVacation2011 742copyright
There goes four of my most cherished cardigans!

How about you?  Do you love cardigans?  Any favorite color and design?

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