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by - Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before heading to bed on the 14th of this month, my new blog’s first post was up!  Yeah.  It just came from nowhere.  No buzz, no early signs, no notice.  But I guess it’s not a huge deal, is it?

If you have been following this blog, SweNay.com was first launched in 13 February 2011 with a  few posts published in Swedish.  However, because my Swedish grammar isn’t that accurate, I came up with the idea to put the blog on hold until I could come up with something better.


The new SweNay.com:

13 September 2011 - I decided to start again from scratch.  A month ago, I was one of the very lucky few to get accepted to Culinary School.  Almost a month after, I wanted to share my food [hmmm.. yum!] experiences to my fellow bloggers and readers.  Also thinking of my love for travel, I simply combined the two.  Food and travel --- they’re always a great combo, ‘ayt?  Fixed my layout, thought of some captions and taglines, created the header and badges and it was ready for the welcome post.

14 September - A few minor layout repairs.  Created a Swenay.com Facebook Fan Page [feel free to give it a “LIKE” Thumbs up] and the welcome post was created.  Woo hoo!!!

15 September - Here I am, talking about my third and newest blog.  Second post published!

There she is.  I hope you’ll welcome her with open arms!

Bon appétit to you all! Bowl Coffee cup

[Yes, I accept exchange links.  Leave me a note here, on my other blogs, on my Facebook account or on SweNay.com’s Facebook Fan Page.  I’ll get to you ASAP.]

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