Wines, Spirits and Malt Beverages: Our Little Shelf

by - Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bebe rarely drinks but that does not mean we do not have a shelf filled with alcoholic beverages.  It’s pretty small but it’s enough.  Bebe usually receives a bottle or two as gifts.  Great deal, eh? 

Actually, I have recently fixed our little wine-, spirit- malt beverage shelf only two days before flying to London.  Before, the pretty bottles were lying in one of the kitchen cupboards along with bottles of condiments.  Because I needed more kitchen space, I had to move the alcoholic beverages somewhere else.  I was able to fix an area in the living room for the bottles’ new home.  Here it is:

It isn’t that impressive, I know.  Bebe and I might visit IKEA one day with mom Lena and Anders to buy new furniture but until then, this is going to be their temporary home.  I think the bottles are happy anyway.  At least, they have a better looking home and they are on display --- no longer hidden.

I am planning on visiting the wine store downtown to find wines with brilliant designs and labels.  Nah.  I do not drink but I am thinking of starting a collection of beautiful wine bottles.  I will do that later when we have already purchased a new cabinet for the apartment.

Time to wave goodbye!  Got a long assignment to finish!  Nighty nighty everyone!

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  1. I have always enjoyed a good cocktail...though I don't like gin and I never liked Norway's aquavit - though, at the chief engineer's table on one cruise, the two nights he dined with us, he ordered it for the table.  I dutifully downed mine and pretended I enjoyed it and, one by one, the others quietly slipped theirs to me.  Oh, my gosh, was that ever difficult.  I think I drank about five each night!

    If you want an absolutely beautiful bottle for your collection and a lovely liquor that is nice to add to vodka or to sip alone after a meal, try the French elderflower liquor.  The bottle is so pretty, I never throw one away!


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