Classic Lingerie and a Corset, Please

by - Sunday, October 16, 2011

I really haven’t given it much thought.  Just lately, I’ve realized that I do not have a sexy sleepwear in my closet and perhaps it is time for me to get myself one.  When I say “sexy”, I don’t actually mean the teddy or just string types that are in fashion these times.  Although I might try such a very sexy fashionable lingerie at one point, what I am interested in getting my hands on soon are two or three classic sexy lingerie sets that are comfortable to wear and soft to the touch such as this one:
Sleepwear Babydoll And Robe With Attached Belt  
I like it’s simplicity --- the style, the subtle brightness of the glossy fabric and the robe that comes with it.  It’s the classic sexy lingerie I’ve been looking for.  The pink one is cool.  I also love the pieces in black and purple!
So here’s the thing, while checking out lingerie online, I have spotted this lovely lace trimmed corset which looks perfect when paired with jeans:
There are still two more pretty corsets which have wowed me but the one on the photo above is a fave.  Now, I kinda want three new lingerie and a corset!

How about you?  Do you have those really sexy lingerie in your closet or do you stick to the classic pieces?  Do you love corsets?  Have you tried wearing them with jeans?

*photo credits: http://www.5starslingerie.com/*

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