Dresses: Bonprix Sale!

by - Saturday, October 29, 2011

I haven’t done any shopping at Bonprix yet but I am having fun flipping through pages of their sale corner.  They have so many dresses of up to 50% off the original price.  Though I am not planning on purchasing some online anytime soon, it’s a good thing to make a wish list though, I think.  So here’s the list I’ve come up with:

A trendy dress with that elegant touch.  Comes with a matching waist band.
Price: before: 299 SEK [Swedish crowns] now: 149 SEK


The ruffles along the neckline and at the edge of the skirt give this lovely black dress a more feminine touch. 
Price: before: 249 SEK now: 139 SEK

Sexy above-the-knee dress with pleated chiffon skirt and laced top.  Stunning!
Price: before: 329 SEK now: 269 SEK

Winter, spring, summer or fall --- the season doesn’t matter to me.  I love floral dresses like this one!  The pink accent makes this dress look even sweeter.  Awww!
Price: before: 199 SEK now: 149 SEK
Done making my new wish list!  Gorgeous dresses, aren’t they?

By the way.  I’ve been downtown after my internship today and went home with a new dress, a skirt and a pair of shorts.  My favorite clothing store has this massive collection on sale!  I might drop by the shop again tomorrow.  It all depends on the weather!  No rain, please?

How about you?  Do you like shopping for dresses?  Any favorite style or color?  Do you enjoy shopping online, offline or both?

*photo credit: http://www.bonprix.se*

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  1. I am sure you look terrific in all your purchases!  I used to love to shop when I was slim.  I've lost 15 pounds and have given away all my clothes that fit me at that size.  I plan to keep losing.

    It's fun to window shop, regardless!

    Off to India, finally, Nov 14 but I'm stopping over in Seoul for two days!


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