Fashion Picks of the Week: Tube Scarves

by - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It’s undeniable.  Fall fashion has welcomed tube scarves with open arms.  It seems like a tube scarf is now a part of every woman’s wardrobe and I am falling behind!  I have eight or nine or ten [as usual, unsure] scarves but no tube ones and I really want to get myself the “tube”.  I am thinking of visiting my favorite boutique downtown during the weekend to see if they have the scarf style I want.  Since weekend is four days away and I am not yet dozing off, I’ve put Google to work!  Here are three tube scarves I kinda’ like online:



The Margit Brandt Scarf Cao

Sold at: welikefashion.com for more or less $70 --- ouch!  This one’s pretty but is too much for my budget Crying face.



Helmut Lang Fur Tube Scarf

Sold at: barneys.com for $505 --- Now this is way beyond my wallet’s power!  Strictly: for my eyes only *deep sigh*. Who me?



Tube Scarf by H&M

Sold at: hm.com for more or less $12 --- now we’re talking!  The color’s nice and the price is even nicer!  Woot woot! Be right back

Actually, what I really like about tube scarves is its ease of use.  It wraps the neck just right to protect it from the chilly weather.  Too cold?  Simply pull it up to cover your mouth, cheeks and nose and ta-dah --- you’ve got yourself a mask!  No more freezing face!

Well, I hope to find a pretty tube scarf that comes with a friendly price tag on my upcoming Saturday shopping.  I really want to come home with one.

How about you?  Do you have a tube scarf or do you prefer the classic ones?

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  1. hello maxi! oh, i dun hv a tube scarf but would love to hv one. however, it'll be quite weird for me to wear those in a hot weather like mine here.. hehe :)

  2. i love the purple one too! 
    Hv a great day, maxi! hugz & love :*


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