I Turned 33!

by - Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Fridays ago [07 October], I turned 33!  I wanted to freeze time and stop my ageing even for awhile but no matter how hard I tried, I still became one year older.  Well, happy [belated] birthday to me!

I celebrated my day not on that Friday but the day after with my Bebe and his family.  If you’ve been following this blog, then you already know how I much I love to bake cakes.  However, the boys gave the cake maker the rest day.  Somehow, it was such a relief!  Instead, I only focused on cooking for dinner.
For dessert and coffee break:
Birthday cake Left: The gooey yummy chocolate cake Bebe baked for me.  Thank you Bebe! Red heart
Birthday cake Right: The nice guys [Tommy and Ronny --- Bebe’s younger brothers] who made me a very colorful and delicious sandwich cake.  Thank you Tommy and Ronny! Open-mouthed smile
*sandwich cake --- Smörgåstårta (in Swedish) ("sandwich cake") is a Scandinavian cuisine dish that is popular in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia. This salty cake is compositionally similar to a sandwich, but it has such a large amount of filling that it more resembles a layered cream cake with garnished top.* ~~~ Wikipedia.org
For the main course, I prepared something Swedish:

We’ve had stekfläsk which is famous in Sweden.  It’s fried sliced pork and is thicker than bacon [three or four times thicker].

To go with stekfläsk, I also fried sliced raw potatoes in butter with yellow onions.  Salt, pepper and a few other spices which gave fried potatoes more taste.

For the sauce, I made onion gravy.

The main course was a hit!  Everybody loved it!  It was a good thing I cooked loads.
The happy cook Rolling on the floor laughing multi-tasking
The busy sandwich cake masters
One lovely night with Bebe Red heartRed heartRed heart
The great mom-in-law
With the cool Magnhild and the camera-shy Stig
Delish dinner!  Clean plates!  Burp! Plate
I had a wonderful night!

I will create a post later about the gifts Gift with a bow I have received.  For now, my brain is asking for an early rest.

Secret telling smileSecret telling smileSecret telling smile By the way, aside from Bebe and my Swedish family, I also want to thank my family back in the Philippines who did not forget about my getting-old-day.  To my best friend Nets and her husband Tekki [from the US] who called long-distance just to make my day more special --- Thank you so much!  To my first ever Swedish-Pinay friend, Ate Mina for spending some birthday-time with me on the phone --- Salamat!.  To Ate Mercy who dropped by the apartment to hand me my birthday gift --- Thank you so much.  To Gagay who created a birthday post on her blog for me --- Thank you a lot!  To all my friends who greeted me on Facebook [wrote on my wall and sent me private messages] --- thank you, thank you, thank you!  You all are awesome!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start of the week.  Until my next blog post… ciao!

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  1. Awesome picture dearie..
    and Happy belated birthday!!!!
    yumss birthday cake!

  2. Happy belated birthday sweetie! i am glad u had an amazing birthday..u deserve it! :* :*

  3. Happy birthday Anne! u don't look 33 at all heheh. I envy u cuz ang galing mo sa kusina, ako tga kain lng at tga hugas hahah

  4. Happy Blated Bday, maxi!! A big beary hug fo rthe bday girl!!  :* :* :-D :-D

  5. it's so good to have such loving family. Im so happy for you, maxi! :)  

  6. wow, scadinavian!! i love foodss!! all looking goodi~licious! :)

  7. Happy belated birthday Maxi! :) I think I may have sent you a greeting on Facebook too but I don't remember.. :P

  8. It's great to see that you had a wonderful day spent with your family.. :) Here's to more birthdays to come! :)

  9. I love your dress BTW.. :) You look great for someone who just turned 33! :) You don't look 33 at all, you look waaaay younger.. :D

  10. Happy birthday!  :)


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