LASIK Eye Surgery: A Clearer Vision

by - Saturday, October 22, 2011

I’ve been dependent on my eyeglasses since 2008.  The pair I am wearing now is by Puma and I love it to bits.  Bebe has purchased it for me in July 2009 during our three-week Philippine vacation.  The pair’s a part of my everyday life.  The only time it gets to rest is UKVacation2011 086copyrightwhen I’m sleeping.

I’ve actually considered the idea of replacing my eyeglasses with contact lenses.  I’ve tried wearing contacts once but oh… it’s not just for me.  They say one needs time to get used to them but I’ve decided to just continue spending time with my eyeglasses.

So I love my eyeglasses --- that’s a fact.  Thing is, now that I am in culinary school and spending time in the kitchen isn’t that comfortable with them on.  The kitchen’s a very busy and a super warm place.  In most days, we multi-task and run around like crazies just to get the orders right on time.  I get a little bit sweaty and the tendency is, my glasses keep on sliding down my nose!  irritating, right?  Bebe’s suggestion is to get LASIK eye surgery [http://www.healthpoise.com/lasik-eye-surgery/] instead.  That’s a really good idea!

LASIK eye surgery [laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis] or simply known as laser eye surgery is a procedure wherein refractive surgery technique is applied.  The ophthalmologist removes a thin layer of the cornea with the aid of the instrument microkeratome.  The procedure’s fast as it only takes about twenty minutes per eye. It’s quick, painless and effective.

If I get the chance to fly again to the UK anytime soon, I’ll certainly book a consultation with the LASIK experts to know more about the surgery.  If everything goes well, my pair of eyeglasses will be heading for an early retirement.  I get to see the beauty of the world clearer.  That sounds pretty cool!

For those having vision problems, do you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?  Have you tried the LASIK eye surgery procedure?  How is it?  If you haven’t, do you consider getting one?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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