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by - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I don’t do stock exchange.  I mean, I want to but online trading just isn’t my thing.  I don’t know the basics and don’t understand how shares work so I’ll better leave that to the experts.  I do, however, have an Online Currency converter app I’ve found on the web which I personalize from time to time depending on my exchange rate needs.  It’s a good thing that I can add and/or delete currencies to the list when necessary and arrange them in another order by dragging using the mouse.  As of the moment, here’s how my online currency converter app from FreeCurrencyRates.com looks like:
I earn through blogging on the side and most payments go directly into my PayPal account in USD.  I help my family back in the Philippines by sending them some amount of money.  Just like wise people do, I first check my currency converter to see if it’s a good day to exchange USD to PHP [Philippine Pesos].  If it looks alright, I send my family the money at once but if it does not look nice, I try to wait for a day or two before sending it to them.  What’s left from my blogging earnings, goes to my Swedish bank account and that’s why I have the Swedish Krona [SEK] in my converter list.  The GBP [British Pound] currency? --- I just put it there to feed my curiosity.  I’ve been to the UK once and it feels like GBP is already a part of my life [We might fly there again next year!].  Aside from that, Bebe and I do online shopping on a few UK sites.  These and more make the currency converter table an important part of my life’s financial aspect.
How about you?  Why are currency converters important to you?  When do you use them? Do you also have a customized converter like the one I have?   

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