Shoes: My First Pair of Sister Moon

by - Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On a previous blog post, I’ve written about the six pairs of shoes I’ve bought in the UK during our one-week getaway in the lovely country.  One of the pairs I truly like is the one I’ve gotten at TK Maxx in Brent Cross, these pink baby doll shoes by Sister Moon:

10September11 002copyright

10September11 014copyright
Me and my pair of Sister Moon Leather Mary Janes Casual

I’ve worn my Sister Moon shoes twice, first in school and on a shopping day downtown.  They are so comfortable to wear.  It feels like the shoes have been perfectly created for my feet.  The pleated design is so pretty and the insole is soft.  I love the idea that the shoes are flat or else I wouldn’t have purchased them [I so adore flat shoes].

I Googled for Sister Moon shoes online and found the exact same pair on sale at £40 [before: £50].  Oh no!  Too much, ‘eh?  I got my pair at super duper sale at £12.50… yes!  I typed that one right.  TK Maxx helped me saved loads of £££!

Because the weather is starting to get really really cold [it was sunny this morning but the temperature’s too cold at 4°C!], these lovely shoes will have to sleep for many months until the warm months are here once again.  My feet will truly miss ‘em!

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!

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  1. That was such a great buy, Pretty Maxi. It indeed looked perfect on your shoes!

  2. i lovee flatties and pinkcolor! combine them both, i absolutely lurveeeee yr shoe!!! :)

  3. Hv a great week ahead, maxi! :*


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