So Charming Ballerina Slippers to Warm Cold Feet!

by - Sunday, October 02, 2011

Summer has come and left the room. Fall is here to stay for a month or two.  It’s brrrrrr time once again!  Just curious, is it already cold in your part of the world?

Although winter’s not yet knocking at the door, I am already having cold feet!  Oh no!  Not that kind of cold feet that Julia Roberts has in the Runaway Bride film.  It’s the kind of cold feet where the phrase “Catch me if you can” is definitely not applicable and that only warm slippers can make my toes happy again.

So far, I have six pairs of indoor feet warmers and have published four separate posts on four of them: Spurs Slippers, Dog Slippers, Piggy Slippers and my favorite pair so far --- my oversized Chuck-Taylor-looking shoes.

If you’re in the hunt for ballerina slippers to keep your feet warm and comfortable during the autumn and winter seasons, here are four very charming pairs that you might like:


Novelty Ballerina Slippers [Cat]
Sold at Next   Price:£12
If you are a cat lover like I am, this one’s perfect for you and your feet.  I am sure that your meows will admire your great taste.


Novelty Ballerina Slippers [Pig]
Sold at Next    Price:£12
I already own a pair of almost two-year-old lovely oinkie slippers, also in pink!  Pigs in pink are always adorable.  Many love Pooh’s pal, Piglet, right?


UGG Australia Nightengale Cable Knit Pom Pom Slippers
Sold at Yogo Ego    Price:£65
This cute ballerina slipper by UGG folds up into a suede bag.  The absolute company for travelers!


Pom Pom Ballerina Slippers
Sold at La Senza    Price£10
I like this pair, a lot!  I like the fact that the interior is lined with fur and is cushioned foam for all around luxury and comfort.  This pair is the perfect mate for my PJs!  And yes!  It’s cheaper than the other three!

How about you?  How do you warm your freezing feet during the cold months?  Are you satisfied with socks or do you prefer ballerina slippers?  Do you use electric foot heaters?

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  1. Pa-cute smile so with all footwear ... but those ballerina slippers wouldn't be a good look for me. Have a good week.

  2. hi maxi!! how are you, dearie? oh, the ballerina shows are so adorable!! i want all of them!! :)  and i love yr oversized shoes too! 

  3. Hope you'll staying warm with yr cute shpoes! Take care, maxi! 


  4. i like the oinkie ballerina slippers!! hahahh so cute... :-P :-P

  5. and i want ur oversized shoes! hehe but we don't have winter here... :(

  6. wow, all so cute!...
    and being a cat lover also, I too like the first one!

    Hugs to you, lovely maxi! take care! :)


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