Travel Wish List: Italy Getaway

by - Thursday, October 20, 2011

Although getting around Europe isn’t that difficult especially if one has a passport issued by one of its members [countries].  I’ve been to the UK in August with Bebe and having my Swedish passport by my side is such a delight.  It makes my travel within Europe and around the world a lot easier.

After our UK vacation, Bebe is already thinking of flying back there in June of next year to watch The Stone Roses’ reunion concert.   I am still in the process of weighing things out.  Bebe will be watching the concert with his best friend so I am thinking… I’ll let the guys have some fun.  After all, I’ve been there just a couple of months ago.  Instead, I’ll start Googling for some interesting Italy tours.
Bebe and I talk about our future travel plans every now and then and Italy is definitely one of the countries we are dying to visit.  The romantic cities of Venice and Florence are fantastic and spending at least a week with Bebe there is a dream come true Red heart.  I’ve heard so much about St. Mark’s Square and have seen loads of photos.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful tourist spot!  The gondolas --- we’ll certainly find time to ride this traditional means of transportation within Venice.  It’s something tourists shouldn’t miss, right?  If the budget allows, an Italy cruise ship experience for two days would be nice.

Ahhhh… I am so looking forward to our Italy getaway!

How about you?  Have you ever been to Italy?  With whom?  How was the experience?

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