Fashion: Look Cool But Keep Warm This Winter

by - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Snow is not yet falling in this part of Sweden but it sure is already freezing cold outside.  Tomorrow afternoon, I am planning on putting in the basement my autumn and summer footwear [especially my several pairs of flipflops] along with the thin jackets to give more room to my winter clothes.  I will not be doing so much shopping for this year’s very cold season but I am definitely going to check some beanies, hoodies and thermals that will keep me warm and at the same time, give me that cool look.

Beanies:  I have a total of three.  I’ve bought my first two downtown two or three years ago.  Both have the same color: black.  The third one is also in black.  I’ve purchased it in London just recently.  I really want to buy a new one with a touch of pink just like this Musto Signature Cable Hat below.  I so like the gray and pink combination.  They’re a cool match, I think.

Winter 2010 --- Me and my beanie!
Hoodies:  I have a number of them but it feels like I deserve a new one soon.  Why not?  After all, I’ve been a good girl the whole year!  The Animal Jesse Hoody [as shown on the photo below] appeals to my taste a lot.  It has a little shade of pink and I like it!
Thermals:  Honestly, I don’t own one… yet.  However since this year’s winter seems like it’s going to be colder than the three winters I’ve experienced [wild guess, I know], it’s the perfect time for me to purchase a pair of lightweight tights with enhanced thermal protection.  Say for example this Under Armour Coldgear Compression Tights Base Layer:
Oh.  I have started my hunt for a tube scarf.  I’ve been downtown a couple of times but the boutiques I’ve been to do not sell tube scarves.  I wonder why.  I’ve found a pretty piece by French Connection online which I’ll add to my wish list.
How about you?  Have you started cleaning your summer and autumn closets?  How’s your winter wardrobe doing?  Are you planning on doing some winter shopping?
Photo credits: http://www.surfdome.com/

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  1. I would love to have one of  this for the winter :) I like the color.


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