Freshen Up! Hot Shower And Warm Bath, Please.

by - Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Winter, spring, summer or fall --- it does not matter what season it is of the year.  A long hot shower completes my day, always.  It magically freshens up my mood.  It’s a part of my daily ritual.  Without it, I feel exhausted, dull and boring.  Most days, I shower in the morning and again at night.  If I have the luxury of time, I take a warm relaxing bath instead of the night shower.

Because I am a shower freak, I make sure that I always have this massive collection of bath and body products on standby.  The thought of running out of shower supplies bothers me.  I know.  Crazy, isn’t it?
My bath and shower products on standby:
5 bottles of body wash or shower and bath cream
3 bottles of shampoo
5 bottles of conditioner
3 bars of body soap

I have a total of five [5] bottles of conditioner, all sealed and are waiting for their turn.  After the hot shower or the warm bath, I feed my skin with moisture-packed lotion products especially during the cold winter months.  As per experience, the chilly season makes my skin dry, rough and lifeless and a good lotion helps a lot in keeping my skin soft and supple.

Before I finally say good night to you all, I've found this Uplifting Jasmine Cream Bubble Bath by The Healing Garden.  It’s presently on sale!  From AUD$9.21 is now down to 6.59.  I am doing some thinking-thinking.  Flirt male Buy it or not?
photo credits: www.myshopping.com.au

How about you?  Are you a:
a.] shower freak 
or a
b.] bath freak ?

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