My WWE Shirt Says, “I’m Awesome”. Are You?

by - Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sometime in September, I’ve published a post [On “Hearting” the Hearts] about World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [WWE, Inc.] and a short info regarding how and when I’ve become a fan of the show.  WWE is cool and the cooler thing is, the love of my life’s also a big fan since I don’t know when.  A match made in heaven?  Maybe we are!

Before flying to London last August, Bebe was asking me a few details about my favorites in WWE.  I wasn’t aware that he was fixing a surprise for me so when we arrived from our London visit, I was so overwhelmed when he handed me a WWE t-shirt with the words “I’m Awesome” printed on it.  Oh yeah!  Bebe thinks I really am awesome!



I’m awesome.  Are you?

Ehemmm… Well, I’m actually not that awesome.  Here’s the original man full of awesomeness --- The Miz wearing the shirt with my other WWE fave, Christian and the loco with his lil’ Jimmies and Jennies, R-Truth!

Bebe got himself a CM Punk shirt which made me so envious.  I want a CM Punk shirt, too.  Maybe one day I’ll finally have one.  As for now, I’ll stay on being awesome.

How about you?  Are you a WWE fan or at least have you ever been?  Who’s your favorite?

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  1. c5 @ lifeisachoice.com6 November 2011 at 14:55

    I'm no wrestling fan. The shirt is nice, though. :)

  2. very awesome jud..pwede ako na ang shirt?LOL

  3. The shirt is so nice! Fits you perfectly!  :)



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