Skin Care: On Finding the Right Anti-wrinkle Cream

by - Monday, November 28, 2011

The day I turned 30, I panicked.  It was then that I realized that I was getting old… really getting old.  There was no slowing down, no turning back time.  I had no other choice but Maxicopyrightto embrace the fact that I need to move forward with time.

The day I turned 30? --- Oh, that was three years ago.  I am now 33 and honestly, I have no issues anymore regarding adding numbers to my age.  I may no longer look cute and adorable but I feel young and happy.  Somehow, I managed to keep my skin healthy by observing good hygiene, taking antioxidants daily, following a regular skin care regimen and staying with anti wrinkle cream products that I trust.
I don’t see deep wrinkles appearing on my face, at least not yet.  I have fine lines though.  No big deal.  For as long as I keep my skin moisturized all the time, I am positive that there is a good chance for me to stay deep wrinkle-free for many more years from today. How I wish I could say, “Wrinkle-free forever” but that is not an option, is it?

Honestly, I do not stick to one anti-wrinkle cream.  From time to time, I switch from one product to another which is not wrong, I think.  There is a long list of face wrinkle cream [http://www.wrinklereview.com/] out there and hunting for the perfect one is not easy.

A few tips on finding the right anti-wrinkle cream for you:
  • For me, it is always a plus when certain brands are willing to hand me trial products before investing my hard earned money on it.  By getting free trials, I have the opportunity to test that the product does not have ingredients I am allergic to.  Second, I want to make sure that it does not give me the greasy after-feel [oh… I hate that!].  Third, that it keeps my skin moisturized for many hours.  Believe me, most anti-aging creams I have fallen in love with have started with free trial packs!
    F.Y.I:  When trying face creams for the first time, always test it by applying a small amount at the back of your ear.  If  no itchiness, rashes and burning sensation hours after the application, then it is safe for you to try it on your face.
  • Face creams with SPF [sun protection factor] help in preventing the appearance of wrinkles.  The ultraviolet rays [UV rays] from the sun destroy the skin’s collagen which later results to dry, wrinkled skin.
  • If you have time, read product reviews and get opinions from people who have tested the product.  This way, you’ll learn from other’s experiences.
How about you?  Have you already found the perfect anti-wrinkle cream that’s made just for you?  Is your search finally over or are you still on the hunt?

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