Beauty: Maybelline EverFresh Makeup, the Few Last Drops

by - Tuesday, December 27, 2011

At the age of 33, I still have a terrible relationship with makeup.  I blame myself for not finding enough time to practice.  It’s a good thing though that I spend most hours of each day in the kitchen where make up is 99% a no-no [great excuse, huh?].

Two years ago, Bebe brought home a tube of EverFresh makeup by Maybelline from his UK trip with his best bud, Lo.  I was actually the one who asked him to get one for me.  I spotted it on a commercial one day and got interested.

My EverFresh liquid foundation might be more than two years old but I still have about a quarter left!  Yes, I wear make up once in a blue moon which is quite embarrassing, I guess.  So anyway, it’s sad to know that EverFresh makeup by Maybelline is no longer available in the market.  I really love it so much!  I’ve been searching the internet, hoping to get a new one but disappointment comes crashing through.  It seems like Maybelline has stopped the production.  Sigh.

My dear teddy and my soon empty EverFresh liquid foundation

One happy EverFresh fan
I use the 031 Natural Beige color
SPF 15.  Oil Free

Well, well.  Because nobody’s sure if EverFresh will again hit the market anytime soon, it’s time for me to move on to another product.  I am thinking of giving Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Powder [Golden Beige] a go.  I’ve read really good reviews about it, so why not?  The price looks friendly, too!

Photo credit: superdrug.com

How about you?  Have you tried the EverFresh makeup before?  If you’ve had, do you like it or not?  Have you given the Dream Mousse Powder by Maybelline a try?  Would you recommend it?

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