Cosmetic Dentistry: Invisalign - Straight Teeth Minus The Braces

by - Sunday, December 11, 2011

I’ve heard about invisalign a few years back and got really interested about it.  It’s kind of a unique idea to have your crooked teeth straightened using clear aligners instead of the bulky and irritating braces.  My younger brother’s presently undergoing teeth straightening with the help of braces for two years now.

Although he’s happy knowing that he’ll soon have his dental problem solved, every now and then I hear him complain about the uncomfortable presence of metal attached to his teeth.  If time can be turned back, he’ll definitely give invisalign a try.  It might be as painful as the braces but at least, invisaligns are invisible and removable compared to what he is wearing now.
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After going through a dental implant procedure two years ago, I am looking forward to my next project which is to get a molar implant.  After that, I really hope to have my lower set of teeth straightened using invisalign.  I haven’t asked around yet regarding it but I am pretty sure that it’s available here in Sweden.  I’ll ask my dentist about it the next time I meet her so I can plan ahead of time.  It’s important for me to know how much it will cost to avoid wallet shock by the time I decide to finally push the project through.
If you are by chance living within New York City, you’ll definitely not have difficulties in finding a trusted cosmetic dentist NYC who can tell you more about invisalign and other cosmetic dentistry procedures that you have in mind.
So how’s your weekend doing so far?  Have you been smiling a lot?  Remember, start and end your day with a smile, always!
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