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by - Saturday, December 10, 2011

smileOne of my front teeth was damaged when I met an accident at the age of seven.  It was a rainy afternoon when a small public vehicle lost control and ran over me and my mom.  I woke up in a hospital bed and could not recall what had happened.  Mom and I stayed under the care of our doctors for days.  We recovered after some time except for my broken front tooth.  I might just be a seven-year old girl during that time but oh… it was total nightmare!

Since then, I had the tooth filled and refilled until I met a not-so-good dentist sometime in 2002.  My favorite dentist was on vacation so I went to see another one.  Wrong choice.  Instead of just fixing my tooth filling, he told me that it was better to replace it with a jacket.  Somehow, he got me to say yes [hypnotized?  I guess!]. Again, wrong choice.  It looked terrible and was never stable.  Arggggh!  I had this ugly smile for years until I finally had the chance to get cosmetic dentistry in 2009 [dental implant procedure].  Yes, the process was quite expensive but it was truly worth every penny.  It changed not only my smile, but my life forever.   It brought back my self confidence, great smile and positive attitude.

If you happen to be lacking that great smile due to dental issues, I suggest you find a trusted cosmetic dentist within your area.  If you live somewhere in Tennessee, you’ll definitely find an experienced cosmetic dentist Nashville to help you bring back that smile unlimited you’ve been hiding.

In a few years time, I will undergo dental implant again to replace two of my molars.  I need to save for it first, if you know what I meant.

How about you?  Have you undergone any cosmetic surgery procedure?  Which one?  How’s your smile doing [just curious]?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dental Bliss forBucks2Blog. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. good you got the pretty smile now, yeah it's horrible to experience some wrong choices specially when its about our daily wearing...;)


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