Shopping: Cashing for Geocaching

by - Friday, December 09, 2011

geocachingI’ve learned about geocaching today [thanks to Bebe for the quick lecture] and man oh man … it’s just now that I’ve realized that I have been missing something fun and exciting to do outdoors.  Summer might be long gone but I don’t think winter’s going to stop me from becoming a geocacher.  All I need to do is to search the internet for the best gps for geocaching, buy myself the gps device and let the search begin!

I already have a clue on where my nearest geocache is located.  It is hidden somewhere in the park close to the hotel where I am presently attending my daily internship course.  I am trilled, to the max!

Now, before finally heading to look for the geocache, I first want to shop for a particular item to leave in the box.  Question is, what?  I really haven’t decided anything yet.  Maybe a pair of winter gloves?  It’s not a bad idea, is it?

Oh, if you are new to geocaching like yours truly, here’s a YouTube video to give you a little lesson about this energizing techy activity:

So, how about you?  Have you given geocaching a try?  If you already have, have you taken something from it?  Are you an active geocacher or a newbie like me?

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