Shopping: Home Theater System Reflection Series. Because Thin is In!

by - Friday, December 09, 2011

Included in Bebe’s wish list is a new set of home theater system.  The one we have still functions without issues but it’s already outdated.  If I am not mistaking, it’s more than ten years old and that’s enough reason for us to get a new set.  Looking around,  I’ve stumbled upon the Reflection Series by Boston Acoustics.
Reflection RS 230 Home Theater SystemPhoto credit:
The Reflection RS 230 system [shown above] looks elegant.  I so like it!  Problem is, it costs $2,299.94 which is quite heavy for our wallets.  Instead of getting the entire set at once, I’ve thought that it might be a smart way to buy each part one at a time.  It will not be cheaper option but it’s a good choice that our wallets can afford.   
So, anyhow, I’ve gone through their list of center channel speakers [].  I find this RS 244C center channel loudspeaker that I believe is perfect to start with.  It’s thin, it’s slim and it’s sexy!
The Reflection RS 244C Center Channel Loudspeaker
Photo credit:
How about you?  How’s your home theater system doing?  Is it new or does it need to be replaced?

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