Shopping: The Lady in Red for the Holidays - Not!

by - Friday, December 23, 2011

I was digging in my wardrobe with the intense desire to know if I could find a red dress for tomorrow’s family reunion dinner and ta-dah --- there was none.  I should have prepared earlier but did not.  Sigh.  Why wasn’t I so surprised to find myself unorganized?

So anyhoo, there are loads of lovely dresses in red right now on sale.  Wow!  It’s fun to do some online window shopping when prices are really low, don’t you think?




Tube Dress by bonprix

This elegant tube dress in red is on top of my list of favorites.  It costs 199SEK [Swedish crowns].  I so love the model’s shoes, too but nah… I think it’s not for me.




Red dress by ellos

The roses around the neckline is definitely a huge plus!  The dress is simple yet sexy!  From 299SEK, it’s not priced at 150SEK.



Red Polka Dot Dress by Bubbleroom

Polka dots are cool!  The puffed, wrinkled sleeves make this dress gorgeous.  This piece comes with a price tag of 100SEK from 199SEK.
It’s to late to do some shopping at the moment so I will not be a lady in red for the holidays this year.  In 2012, perhaps?

How about you?  Will you be wearing red this year?  Have you already planned what you are going to wear for a lot of gatherings you’ll be attending during the holiday season?

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