The Ultimate Christmas Sale at Bubbleroom

by - Sunday, December 11, 2011

If you live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland and you’re looking for an online clothing shop where you can find really fantastic items on sale, go check the Bubbleroom store online.  They have these massive pages of wardrobe pieces that come with red tags [Love ‘em!].  I’ve spotted these while roaming around the website:




Go sexy in black!  Dress with a laced v-neckline [front and back]
Price: from 149SEK to 45SEK*

*SEK --- Swedish crowns



Brown polo shirt with little puffy accents on the shoulders.  Stretch quality with a touch of glam.
Price: from 149SEK to 74SEK



Because it’s freezing cold outside, this pair of comfy ear warmers surely comes in handy.  You don’t want those lovely ears of yours to freeze, do you?
Price: from 129SEK to 65SEK

Lovely price!  I will try to get hold of this pair!


In one of my posts about these gorgeous belts I’ve found over the internet a week back, this brown classy belt is an addition to that list.  Love the design, a lot!
Price: from 149SEK to 79SEK

It’s the holiday season and it’s time to accessorize!  This bracelet set [set of six] comes in different styles, shapes and colors.  Perfect for the fun-filled December month!
Price: from 129SEK to 109SEK
Oh, have I mentioned about Bubbleroom’s free shipping service for all your orders until the 24th?  How cool is that?

So, how’s your December going?  Are you done with your holiday shopping or are you still stressing like me?

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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